The Royal Wedding!

I hope your alarms are set for an ungodly hour to watch the Royal Wedding this Friday! The guests are currently arriving to the big wedding over in the UK and in almost an hour I am going to watch it live from my office here in Barcelona. It's simply too gorgeous a day to ignore! Growing up reading stories like Cinderella and Snow White, I believe this is so beautiful!

You should be walking around like you're wearing a tiara every day!

April showers bring May flowers..

"Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby."
- Langston Hughes

Love pinkandblack as much as I love blueandwhite

(Carrie) me to success..

Lately I have been watching a lot of SATC...a little bit too much to be honest and last night while walking around in Barcelona with my friend he asked me what I had been doing during the day. Hmm..I said finally admitting "I watched SATC...pretty much the whole day" (To my defense though it was the Monday after Easter and everything was closed) To my surprise he had watched some series and told me that I was a mix between Carrie and Charlotte. Thank you, I said..happy that he noticed the fact that I also have some Carrie in me as many people say that I'm only like Charlotte.

What to read this AM...

Language barrier!

This morning the Spanish ppl at Starbucks thought my name was Charlie. Seriously?! Anyways, it's a new week at the office..let's make it a good and productive one!


Sleeping is overrated

Tonight, while sitting on a bench by the beach in Barcelona I couldn't deny the fact that I was annoyed that I have to work tomorrow. Even though I knew that I had to wake up early I thought that, in two years from now what will matter the most...the fact that I'll be a little bit tired in the morning or the memories from a night out in a rainy but beautiful Barcelona? So, I decided to join my friend for a beer (haha) and stay up a little bit longer. We walked around in El Born and bought chocolate, went to a park that looks like a mix between Hyde and Central Park, walked along the beach to the W hotel and down Las Ramblas (where I got worried that some weirdo was gonna jump out and steal my wallet...I really do need to buy a good bag with a zipper that's hard to open..did I tell you that I got robbed here once?) Goodnight! xx

Manicure and pedicure thnx!

Good Morning Everyone -

Nothing inspires like caffeine..

Sequins and Sparkles.

Oh, look at these amazing Dolce and Gabbana leggings that I found on my friend's blog: (I wish they made these leggings for women too!)

While having dinner at Nobu in Los Angeles a few months ago I saw Mikayla in the Hills wearing a pair almost just like these and I remember that I love love loved her pants!

Sant Jordi

You know what I find really fun and interesting about traveling? You not only learn new things from your internship/job/and the people you meet, you also learn about new cultures, traditions and history. Today for example, it's the Catalan Valentines Day and they call it Sant Jordi. I had no clue about this until I moved to Barcelona. The guy buys roses for the girl and the girl buys books for the guy - very cute I think! The streets have been so so crowded today with book stands and people walking around with flowers! Me and my friends went to a Paris inspired restaurant where we had sangria and lunch followed by some hours in the sun by the beach.

Good to know..

As many of you already might know, I moved from Los Angeles to Barcelona a few months ago but if you still want to keep track on the LA life until I'll be back, visit my besties/roomies blogs.

Left: Christina:   Right: Josefin:

Me and Christina.

Easter inspiration everyone -

I am in a dreaming-about-shoes-situation.

The other night I was dreaming that I walked around in an office filled with different shoes and clothes and in my dream I was allowed to pick out the shoes that I wanted. I woke up disappointed, totally aware of the fact that I am now paying for my rent here in Barcelona and England at the same time.

Yesterday, I went to Jimmy Choo and Dolce and Gabbana on Passeig de Gracia where I found the most amazing shoes. Either way...

And then, the rain came..

From spending both Thursday and Friday night out having dinner with friends which led to cocktails and late hours, I could not be happier about today's weather. It's been raining most of the day here in Barcelona so I decided to have some me-time. And what could be better than going to my old Gracia, where I spent my first months here in Barcelona. Gracia, which was separated from Barcelona back in the days have a totally different atmosphere than the rest of the city. I love sitting on a bench, watching people passing by. Here, you barely bump into any tourists and it is the opposite of crowded. In other words, a great get-way on days like these. The other day after going to the gym, I went to a museum with an amazing garden in the middle. You won't find those things by Plaza De Catalunya that's for sure. xx

Wanted chips and coca-cola..

..eating strawberries and apples instead! And now I'm gonna go out running :) xx

Glad Påsk! / Happy Easter!

I was going to write a post saying Happy Saturday but realized that it is not..Saturday. Anyways, I have the day off from work today so Saturday or feels like the weekend! Have a wonderful day everyone! xx

Today I miss Los Angeles and all my friends there a lot!! Here is a picture of me in Laguna Beach:

Girls-trip to Vegas!


Shortcut anyone?

I love my new apartment but the location..hmm, I don't know. I thought it was good but now it feels a little bit too central. The other day, when going grocery shopping the lines were so long that I literally putted my things down right there and turned, decided that it would be smarter to buy my things at a small shop that the tourists didn't know about. Look how crowded...a block away from where I live..shortcut anyone?

Spotted in Marie Clare...

US and UK Magazines = connection to the real world! Today, while flipping through the pages of Marie Clare I found the Dalia MacPhee dress that I pitched to several publications through different blasts at my fashion PR internship in Los Angeles. Fun fun to see the dress in print today!

My Weekly Column..

Wanna read more? Visit

I always tend to read fashion magazines backwards..'s a weird habit. Just got back from a two hours coffee in the sun outside Starbucks reading my favorite magazine and dreaming away. I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday:)


No more Spanish Magazines. Thank God! And just across the street from where I live.

A sneak peak on this Friday's fashion column..



Black baiting suit with gold embellishment and details. 43 Euros at Accessorize

Above. Left as clockwise: Blue backless bathing suit with lace details. Yellow strap back bathing suit with flower prints. 50 Euros, Women's Secret.

Red bikini with ruffles and gold details. 21.50 Euros a pair at Accessorize.



This weather better shape up..

..or I will need to literally ship out!

Me researching fashion columns equals disaster..

..because I want everything! I have to stay in the office, not being allowed outside haha. I bought this dress (I just had to!) Pictures from H&M and my apartment.

H&M shoes are going oh lala!

Today I was out taking pictures for my new fashion column and let me tell you that this is a hard task. There are so so many nice things in the stores now and hard not to buy anything - just look at these pretty shoes from H&M (49 Euros)

Sharing is caring.

Hey, look at what I spotted at Refinery29 this morning. Fun idea don't you think? Hook your watch to your collar! I think it looks very Paris chic! Sharing is caring right? xxx

Fashion Friday

I am writing a fashion column for SuiteLife Barcelona every Friday starting this week - check it out on their website by go on to

Pick one..

Barcelona StreetStyle

This week I am starting my new fashion column - Fashion Friday. During the week I will go out on the streets and look for cool, special, antique, low key, chic, sophisticated, hipster styles and current trends. I will also visit different stores and neighborhoods that breath fashion. I had a meeting with my boss about it this morning and I am really excited! I will take pictures and be on camera. I am allowed to use the company's professional camera (look at the nice quality pictures..different from my iphone for sure!) Here is a sneak peak - pictures from Raval in Barcelona, street styles different from the ordinary.


Snapshot Barcelona


I love palm trees.

Pictures from Saturday -

Sundays are good to me.

Sunday. Wow, already - really? Time flies! Feels like the weekend just begun but here I am planning my new fashion column for my internship this week. While the sun has been out all day, I have done the opposite. I decided early this morning, while at the same time trying to convince myself that this might be a bad idea, that this day would consist out of sex and the city episodes and breakfast in bed. Not even a brunch and cocktails could make me get-up-and-go. Starbucks, surrounded by palm-trees and a beautiful outdoor seating area is located just across the street from where I live, I decided to bring a stack of Elle magazines and go for a late coffee - and so I did. Relaxing Sunday.

Dinner à la Paris y Catalan.

I just called my friend and said "do you want to go for brunch or do something fun, I need a reason to get out of bed!" I am so tired today. I think it is because of the long-and-busy-week in which I worked from 10 am to 7 pm everyday, moved from Gracia to Plaza de Catalunya and in between all this I tried to squeeze in fun things such as dinner, spending time with friends sad as it sounds, no..I did not have time for any exercise. (and I pay 60 euros a month for my gym..bad bad..)

Last night we went for dinner. 7 people from Paris, me and my friend from Sweden and my new friend from work. The restaurant was what we said "very characteristic". It looked like an indoor market in a wine basement. Carpaccio, chocolate and fruit bread (!), the typical catalan tomato and olive bread were some of the starters and as main course we ordered in everything from curry and chicken risotto, scampi, sushi, small hamburgers and more carpaccio. Looking around the restaurant, they seemed to have amazing oysters and seafood. Me and my friend from work said - let's definitely go here for lunch (as the restaurant is located only a few blocks away from our office)

I will get my camera to work asap..because this iphone-picture-taking doesn't work anymore..

A perfect getaway.

It must be spring-break or something..I mean, I don't keep track now when I'm on my internship but from taking the metro this morning I couldn't be sure if I was in Spain, New York or Paris. French and Swedish people, a lot of Americans, Finnish, British..well you name it, the different languages were plenty. And it is so crowed - on the subway, on the streets, in the shops and restaurants. Therefore, me and my friends escaped to a less-tourist(y) part of Barcelona this afternoon. My friends from Paris have a beautiful house here, surrounded by a big spanish garden with amazing trees and a big pool, so we have been having lunch out in the sun and now we are making dinner reservations in the city for tonight (a hard task this Saturday.) I hope you are having a great weekend as well. xx

It's 11 am on a Friday...

Can't decide if I need a coffee or a cocktail!? Happy Weekend to you all! xxx

Thursday today. Friday tomorrow. Oh joy!

Moving-in Party!

Feeling very much like Carre B and Stanford right now.

I'm at the office hunting for good brunch spots in Barcelona. At the moment, I am writing an article about Picnic - a hip, new brunch restaurant in El Born. A few Sundays ago, me and my friend went there for a late brunch but decided to rethink our options as it was in c-r-o-w-d-e-d! Anyways (and this won't go in my article) nothing beats Toast in Los Angeles. The best ice-lattes, sandwiches and sweet potato fries!

Good morning Barcelona!

It's 9.30 am and I am off to work in 10. I love the mornings, especially when the sky is blue and you have the time to relax before work! What is less fun...actually what is really terrible, is all the war that's going on in the world right now. I have been watching CNN, maybe not the most credible news source but it works, while having my coffee this morning. Listening to an interview with a woman from Libyen who had been trapped and tortured, I wanted to cry!

On a happier, I will be in charge of the company's twitter account. I will also continue brainstorming my second article and if I am lucky even start the writing part!

Katie Holmes in The Kennedys!

Katie Holmes looks so pretty in the Kennedys!

New apartment, check!

Okay so yesterday I found the cutest apartment just next to Plaza de Catalunya, a street down from Las Ramblas.
I am not kidding when I say that my bedroom literally looked like a princess room with my own balcony and big white curtains and a beautiful bed. I jumped while I clapped my hands and with a smile I said : yes, yes I take it! However, I have to be honest and say that I will miss my apartment in Gracia...a lot! Well, first of all I will miss Gracia. I really have fallen in love with this neighbourhood. So, if anyone out there who's reading my blog is thinking about moving to Barcelona, I strongly recommend Gracia! It's a getaway from the tourist side of the city and it can't get any more spanish than this. But my apartment lease is up this month. If I wanted to, I could come back to the apartment in May..but I figured that if I am moving..I am moving.

hey, jackets.

My neighbour!

Isn't this dog the cutest!?


Today we are doing a roadtrip to a beach outside of Barcelona. I am gonna bring pic-nic! Perfect Saturday.

On repeat...

I want a jacket just like this one!

And this! Except the book and lipstick (brown lipstick..naah!)

The start of the weekend.

After a busy week with early mornings and long working hours (and with that I mean arriving home around 8 pm) all I wanted to do when coming home to my apartment today after work was getting some take-away at one of my favorite japanese restaurants here in Gracia - located on a very cute street called, that was a long sentence by the way..Anyways, after my 30-minute walk to my take-away place and back (I always end up stopping by every second store on the way, walk very slowly just to look at all the people sitting outside these really cute and typical spanish restaurants, buy some extra things that I don't really need but I still get just for the sake of it) I kicked off my shoes, put on my pajamas and watched a movie. I am so happy it's the weekend! I have so many things that I need to take care of that I haven't even had the energy to think about during the week. So, now I am gonna go to bed ...and even though it's a Friday night, I wouldn't wanna do anything else right now. Adios! Buenas noches!

Please give me..

This hairband -
This dress -

And this ice-cream (because it's Friday..I'm allowed to)

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