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How to get ahead

Do you find yourself struggling in the search for that perfect placement?  Don’t waste another day! When GLAMOUR met Cristina Teuscher, the development manager of EF Education First, the process of getting ahead suddenly seemed that much easier.


Haven’t we all dreamt of hailing a taxi with a big city dream in one hand and a Starbucks coffee in the other, on our way to be a part of an important meeting, feature deadline, photo shoot or an advertising presentation? In today’s credit-crunch, that dream can seem out of reach. When your inbox reads zero and your outbox is overloaded with CV and cover letters, don’t give up! Whatever your dream is, there is nothing you can’t achieve! EF’s new placement service will help you get your dream placement while experiencing the best time of your life.

Main body

·       The first section should outline the importance of a placement in many University degrees in the UK as well as after graduation and how a placement can help you to get ahead of your competition and make yourself stand out above the others.

·       The second part will be the meeting with Cristina Teuscher in London, who gives information about EF Education First and their new placement service now launching in the UK. The new placement service will offer university students and young adults help with finding their dream placement.  Cristina will talk about how the new service can help students and young adults in the UK to find and get a paid placement: the student needs to start off with making a CV and a brief description of what they want to do and to which city they want to go. EF will then match the applicant with a suitable company in a suitable city.  Cristina will talk about the reasons behind the new launch and briefly about their 8+ weeks internships program that the organisation has been running in Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, China and Singapore.

·       One quote taken from the meeting with Cristina and a second one from a student who is telling Glamour about their dream placement.

The concluding section

·       The conclusion should create a picture in the reader’s mind of the first day on their new job, in their favourite city. The piece should outline the importance of how to make the most out of your time: discover a new culture and meet new friends whilst getting ahead. This section will contain information about the importance of contacts as well as brief information about the different cities and organisations in which EF Education First are operating: London, Stockholm, Paris, Milan and Rome. You will have the time of your life!

·       EF contact information, costs of service and location

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