Look at the stars
They are the same stars as last week, last year
Same as when we were kids
When we weren't born
In a hundred years
No one will ever know who we are
But they will know those same stars

If you reach for the stars you might catch the moon

Capture a moment

"To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has it's own beauty, and in the same field, it beholds, every hour, a picture which was never seen before, and which shall never be seen again."

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Went out for a run and suddenly I was on the highway from LA down to San Diego with Charlotte and Matt again. Well, no literally obviously haha but almost. Jay Sean's Down brings back so many memories. Sunshine, high music in the car, surf competitions, quesadillas addiction, drinks, sushi and long party nights.

Sunday's best

Today it felt like spring!:) When I woke up the sky was all blue and birds were singing:) And it is still January. Me and Bennie put on our jackets and took a long walk along the beach. Now, I just got back from the library. Charging my ipod and then I'm going out running. xoxo


When you find yourself swimming in an ocean of annual reports, balance sheets and finance ratios in your bed trying to figure out why you suddenly are doing calculation when you should be writing away at a magazine, think twice before getting disappointed! Okay, obviously I talk about myself here. Many times I have questioned my direction in education, wishing to be writing creative novels and interviewing people instead of reading tons of journals, setting up a plan and methods for my research project or just...analyzing company's annual reports. However, knowledge is knowledge and the more you have the more things you are able to write about.

Be creative!

If I had more time I would....

Read more books, write a book, get a golden retriever, live in Barcelona for a year, go back-packing around Europe, get myself a camera and learn how to take good photographs.

Candy and Cupcakes

Blue sky thinking

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

Vincent Van Gogh

Back in Bournemouth

Sitting in my big white bed next to my window and lamp on my windowsill (that I have put on a pile of magazines) listening to Michael Buble. Today I have been in school and I got three marks back! Two assignments; one in written communication and one in Communication and marketing research and then the mark from our PR campaign presentation. I am happy! :) And on top of that I got an email back from New York asking to meet me in a showroom in Soho. The bad thing is that I am not in New York right now. But I will...I will!

Goodnight London!

It is almost 1.30 am and I am sitting in a big white bed at a hotel in London after my flight. Not as planned. But the hotel is really cozy and my room almost looks like one of those rooms in a boat :) When I was going to get my suitcase tonight at the airport here in London, I looked out through the window and it was snowing!:) Snow in England? I guess sooo..
I really wish I had a hot chocolate right now:)

Next stop: England!

Soo..the break is coming to an end and this is my last night in Sweden before heading back to the UK. Back to university life and long library nights in pajamas, with tons of books, drinking redbul. I am actually kind of happy to start the studying again! but I will miss Sweden sooo much: my family and friends! This break has been wonderful!

See you again in March Sweden! And then it is spring:)

Lund tonight!


Bright lights
Long day
If you're gone
Bed of lies
3 AM


Remember when me and Charlotte spent hours in a Victoria's Secret store in LA's outdoor shopping mall the Grove. Wish I could be there right now instead of sitting here working on my photoshop assignment:)

There's just something magical about Paris...


sea shells by the seashore

"It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting shells than to be born a millionaire."

Robert Louis Stevenson

I <3 J Crew

Don't stop believing

One world full of possibilities

A lot of  conversations between me and my friends right now sound something like this (transferred from Swedish) ....There are so many places I want to visit, so many things I want to do!

I am a dress girl!

Cocktail dress by Marchesa
Donna Karan
Dream dress!
Love red!

Time flies!

Tuesday, five days left to the take off to England and I am sick. Buh! Don't you feel like there's suddenly 100 of things you want to do when you are sick, like going skiing, ice-skating, calling for internships, shopping, having drinks with your friends or just going for a long run. This break has been full of fun things and I have not had so much time left to do my school work. Therefore I have thought about spending this week catching up. And I will! The fact that I am sick won't stop me. keep on drinking tea and I'll be fine:)

The Renaissance

Or just Audrey Hepburn... Either way, I love the dresses!

Happy New Year!

Sorry, I have been bad at updating my blog! A lot of things has been going on and I have been having a wonderful time home in Sweden and it is a little bit sad to leave in 8 days. Already sitting working on an assignment and want it to be Christmas all over again:) But now it is 2010!!! That is cool! Tonight I am going out for dinner:) Btw, yesterday I went to the movie theatre and watched the best movie in a long time - Avatar. Have a wonderful Saturday night everyone!

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