I'm off to LA, get excited!!

Tomorrow, or tonight (around 4 am..) I'm leaving Sweden for three weeks. I'm so excited but it also feels strange leaving home again this fast. I barely have had time to settle down before I head off again. Well, that is my "where to next travel life" for ya! Me and Charlotte are taking an early-early train and then we will take different flights from Copenhagen because she is flying with discount (jealous!) I will fly to London and then to LA while she is making a switch in Frankfurt. But she will be at the airport three hours before me so I guess I will be having a giant stop somwhere - bring Ipod, bring laptop!:) I'm so excited to see Anna again and so excited to go back to America! I feel it's well planned because I will have three weeks there which will give me enough time - one week - in Sweden before heading back to England. 

I will keep you updated with a 9 hours time difference. Aloha California! XOXO

Charlotte and I

There's no place like home

Back home and it feels wonderful! Today I have spent the whole afternoon together with my family and in my room - cleaning. I had a closet cleanup and created my very own fall closet! And tomorrow, my summer clothes will go down in my suitcase!
Around 9.00 pm me and Mina went to see my friend Caroline in Lund and we had a fun fun roadtrip down! However, our plans did not work out as we hmm planned... We wanted to eat out but realized soon that it was sunday and there was not a single restaurant open so we ended up buying candy, hamburgers and fries. Healthy ha? But we always have fun no matter what! Love you girls! XX

It´s Mini bitch

Hello everyone reading Charlottes blog!

My name is Caroline (Mini) and I´m Charlottes friend from Sweden ... I just wanted to tell you that I love you Charlotte. I hope you won´t be mad at me because I write a couple of rows(?) in your cool blog ;) Take care in LA! I´ll follow you here (okay my english is not so good anymore). Xoxo! ♥

I´ll always be your friend

When one door closes, another one opens

It is in the air, the summer in Sweden is over and here I am, in a dress with a glas of wine and friends in the background. We are saying goodbye to this summer, a summer that went really fast in my opinion. Time flies! Feels like yesterday that I had my exams in England and yesterday was my last day at work - unbelievable. Was sad saying goodbye to everyone at work and they had a little goodbye "party" for me. Well now my room is packed, I am going out one last night here to say goodbye to all of my friends and then it is time to leave my summerhouse for this summer. But the summer is not over because of that! See you in LA!


Pajamaparty and a fashion sneak peak!

Time for some girlytime, dinner and a glas of wine; me and Caroline are having a sleepover because we are in some serious need of cathing up as she is going back to school soon and I am leaving Båstad in three days. We are going out for a walk along the beach and then we are going to put on a fun movie and just fall asleep. I am exhausted from work today! After having different agents in the store during the day I can tell you all that I like the new fashion - cool and hip! Mostly black and a lot of sequined dresses, leggings and pants in leather and jeans with details. We had agents from Soaked and the Italian Podava brand Met. In other words, a sneak peak on the fashion to come.


Dress up in BCBG

Visit BCBG Maxazria at www.bcbg.com


Can't help of counting down the days to LA!! As Sweden gets colder and fall knocks on the door, I'll soon pack up to pack down all summer clothes for another 3 weeks of summer and sunshine!! Time flied this summer and now I have five days left of work before I'll gather my things for leaving my summer house for this summer. Many of my friends already left Sweden. My best friend is in New York, another in France, one in Chicago and the rest are on their way to University. It's in the air, the summer in Sweden is over for this year.

Here are some pictures from the summer

Sara and I

Caroline and I

Caroline & Mina at my summer house

Night out!

Summer Sweden!

Every girl loves Victorias Secret!


Body Glimmer, Body lotion

Sleepover pajamas


Next stop Santa Monica, LA

I have the tickets and the 1st of september me and my friend Charlotte are going to Santa Monica for three weeks before school starts! Staying with my friend swedish friend Anna in her apartment. She goes to Santa Monica college and I haven't seen her in forever so this will be so much fun! Flying Copenhagen - London - Los Angeles. Less than two weeks now and then I will be in America again. Can't wait!   

Me and Anna at Rockefeller

Spring day in Bryant Park, New York !

Don't want to download movies or tv-shows?

Visit www.surfthechannel.com (you will get addicted!)
Try The City! If you never watched it before.   

I am a dressgirl!


It's never too early to start looking for an internship!

Sending out emails, calling, searching - too early? No, I just decided that it's never too early to start looking for an internship. Today I have been in the phone with two PR firms in Manhattan. They both seemed to have a lot of writing possibilities as they worked with press releases and media PR. Perfect! One of them with focus on health and lifestyle while the other one was more about the fashion-beauty-look kind of thing but had offices in New York, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta etc . Both of them took in interns and told me to send them an email. And that's just what I'm going to do straight after I finish my job here in Bastad as I have to go back home to get my portfolio in which I have my resume. CAN'T WAIT! Counting down the days. And then....3 weeks in Santa Monica, LA before going back to school.

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