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People watching

One afternoon at Grand Central, a lady walked infront of me when getting off the train. I remember her carrying a pile full of folders and her back-pack seemed to be in a weight of at least hundred stones. Walking behind her with my friend Sara, I asked: Don't you wonder where she is heading? What do you think she is working with? And why is she carrying all of those folders? It's been several times where I have found myself wondering the same questions about people passing me by, sitting next to me at Starbucks or going for their everyday run in the park. Where are all of these people heading to next? Magazines tells us that our style and choice of clothes for example, represent who we are and what we are doing in life but I think there's a lot of times when you'll get surprised. About two years ago, I sat in the sun with an author outside a coffee shop in Gremercy Park. I was in need of some advice and writing ideas. The chic New Yorker in Marc Jacobs rain boots and curly brown hair told me about how she always wondered about the people around her, how she always wanted to jump into that persons life, sitting next to her at the French restaurant, to find out about where she is heading to next, her job, lifestyle and interests. Could she be a ballet dancer or a musician? Maybe a teacher, stay-home mom or even an editor in cheif of a big magazine? Think about it, it is pretty interesting!   


In school we learn about how to make good advertising and the importance of marketing and promoting a brand in the market place etc. But when browsing through magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Lucky you will get shocked by the huge amount of advertising they put into their paper. This is a joke and I can't help of wonder: Is the advertising there for the reader or for the sake of the magazine's survival? Practically, half of these magazines are based on advertising. Turning page after page looking for articles, reports and columns you will easily get disappointed. Where is the real writing? Writing I am actually interested in reading such as life stories and novels. I'm not going to be the number-one-smartest and deepest person here, because I actually bought Vogue and Glamour the other day. I even cut out some pictures, planning to put them on my notice-board in my room. But the real intention behind me buying Glamour for example, was to get some inspiration and writing ideas. Many people do, however, read the magazine because they want to put their mind off and just think about nothing for a while which is totally okay. I just think magazines should consider bringing in a little bit more writing and less commercial! What do you think?

Life in Britain


People in England often ask me what I think about them and their country. "What do you think about british people?" is a question I often get. A question almost as common as: Are you from Ireland? (No, I am from Sweden!)
In a media and society lecture the other day, the lecturer asked the whole audience what we thought about when the word England made an entrance on the big screen. Due to the fact that 80 % of the students in the media school are english, I believe their answers were clever and correct. I started to think about everything from rain, accents and humor to fish and chips, tea and bad food (sorry England, I just don't like the food here) However, many english people do have a good sense of humor. The discussion went wild and people reached up their hands and laughed at old sayings and tv-progammes I've never seen or heard about. Obviously it depends who you ask and where in England you are from. Asking friends who are from Northern England, they often tend to think about big fields, high-streets and pubs while people from the south thinks about just tea for example.  

Plus minus 0

Yesterday, I had lunch together with my friends. At the table next to us, there were two girls discussing some first-world-major-issues: how to stay under the weight of 50 kilos (110 pounds). "I can't believe it" said the brown hair girl, "I am now over 40 kilos (88 pounds) but there is no way I am passing 50!" Without even changing a word we all became silent and looked at each other like big questionmarks. What is she talking about, I could not help of wonder. My friend, who is not discrete when it comes to looking at people, gave her a you-seem-so-stupid-I-can-not-even-believe-it kind of look. Without even noticing the fact that we had stoped talking, the girl continued: I want a body exactly like Victoria Beckhams. Now, I said with a low voice (but I still hoped the girl could hear me) " I wished there could be a Victoria Secret model here right now, turning around asking her what the heck she was talking about." I mean, who want a body like Victoria Beckham's and even more important: who has the energy to even care? I thought we were past all of this first of all.

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