American Rebel Cocktail Party

I just got back home from the American Rebel PR cocktail party on sunset (I forgot my camera at home..sorry!) The party was being hosted in their showrooms and it was actually pretty fun. Me, Kendra, Carrie and Jenna went there and had good food and drinks. First, I was afraid that I was too dressed up but when arriving I felt less dressed up compared to others. Anyways, my friends just dropped me off and continued their night out at Las Palmas in Hollywood. I have been working so hard this week and today was a crazy day in the office with one cosmopolitan and a seventeen request that had to be out by 5 pm so I will put on a movie and go to bed! Goodnight! xxx

Be creative!

It's a beautiful day here in Los Angeles and I am sitting alone in one of the offices. Its really nice and relaxing. The day started off with a nice e-mail from one of my friends here in LA regarding a job and after an ice latte from the cafe' across the  street, I am now on track and working on a press release while listening Maroon 5. I love my job! And I just told one of the girls here that if I could I would just sit and write all days. Tomorrow I am invited to a summer cocktail party at American Rebel PR! I will try to take some pictures so stay tuned. xxx

Good news!

Today I have spent hours in the office writing a promotional summary for one of our clients new approach to customer service, while trying to keep myself from flipping through the pages of a new Sex and the City book that arrived to the office today for scanning (see pictures below, in which we have promoted our clients. We have shoes and sunglasses in the latest movie. Pretty cool!).  Even though I am trying my hardest to put the book aside, I am as happy as always to recieve writing tasks! My writing tasks yesterday payed off with a nice e-mail and resulted in a promotion. I will now work full time and work with my very own Account Executive. This also means work five days a week 9 am - 6 pm. Tonight, I will dress up, go out for dinner and a glass of wine to celebrate the good news!

Below: Jee Vice Sunglasses from Red Light PR!

Carrie and Miranda with accessories from Red Light!


New exciting things

It is Monday afternoon and I am in the office answering the phone and writing blasts and pitches for 213 and MK2K! Really nice clothes! Today I am missing New York a lot and while going to work this morning I wish I could take one of those last minute flights from Los Angeles over there. I watched one of those New York movies last night and the fact that clients and editors from New York keep on calling today doesn't make it any easier. Also what is a little bit sad is that this week is the last week for many of the interns. I will miss them a lot but this also means that there will be a whole lot more tasks for me in the coming months which is good.

I want to go out for cosmopolitans and sushi and pretend I am in New York! xxx

Brunch, colony and lazy days by the pool

The weekend is coming to an end. Our weekend has been filled with everything from brunch, sex & the city and exercising to shopping, lazy days by our or other/s pools and nights out. Last night we went to Colony! Here are some pictures of me and Charlotte! Hope you all have been having a wonderful weekend. xxx

Charlotte at the Grove
love cakes!

Pool day!

Today has been one of those perfect chill days! Went to the gym and then up to our friends house in the Hills. So the whole day me, Charlotte, Adonis, Mike and Alfa have been laying by the pool, having lunch and drinking coronas. I love LA! Here are some pictures from today!  xxx
Me !


Adonis who is hiding:)

The pretty view!

Busy days!

Yesterday I was invited to a shoe launch party hosted by one of the guys in Black Eyed Peas. I was allowed to bring two friends but we ended up not going which was good because I met up with my room-mate for fall and went through basic stuff such as moving in dates, rents etc

Tonight we are going to throw a party and then go out. Oh, by the way, I am never going to Guys and dolls again. Guys and dolls is a club where we used to go with Matt and Sean but recently there was a shooting and one person got killed and two shot. This is really scary and sad! Luckily the two persons who got shot survived but guys and dolls are definitely off our list!

Public Relations Equals Long Working Hours

If there is something you should know about the PR profession, it is that you will probably be facing long working hours but when the work is a lot of fun, that won't be a problem. This week I have been working 9.00 am to 8.00 and 7.00 pm. I really like working at red light though and time flies when you are having fun. Yesterday I was working at an event in downtown. One of our clients, a fashion designer, had a fall launch event and me, another intern and one of the Account Executives helped setting everything up, took care of invited editors, promoted the event and helped putting everything together afterwards.

So hot!

These last couple of days have been so hot! Yesterday, our air conditioning broke in the apartment so it was around 85 degrees here! Today, there is a bbq/pool party here by our pool in the Villas so we going there in the afternoon and tonight we are invited to another bbq party in the Hills. Gonna take some pictures so stay tuned. xxx

Erge Grand Opening Event

It is so hot in LA today! It just switched from colder to boiling. So, today I am going to the grand opening of Erges new clothes collection, exciting! After that I might go to Guysanddolls as a guy I know is dj-ing there tonight. Its a BP charity event so it will be different from the other nights at the club. 

Last night!

Last night me and Charlotte went to GuysandDolls with our friends Matt and Sean,
here are some pictures!

Me and Charlotte!


our table!

Matt and Charlotte!


Last night I went to Ketchup for dinner. Here are some pictures! Tonight we are going to Guys and Dolls. But first, I have a lot of work to do and I am going out for lunch with a friend on La Cienega. Have a wonderful day!

Sunday's best

Today we were suppose to go to a pool party at W Hotel but as I should have predicted, Sundays are nowadays lazydays with a brunch or take out as we are going out almost every Saturday. Yesterday I went out for dinner on Sunset and then I met up with my friends on Colony. After the club closed we went to an after party in the Hills, so much fun! Here are some pix from Colony!

Matt, Charlotte and Dori

"Today I bought Vogue instead of dinner it just fed me more"

I've got sunshine...on a cloudy day

It is a cold day here in Los Angeles and the degree is probably below the 70s. It is 1.30 pm

Instyle and Marie Claire are some of the major publications we are working with!


I am back from work earlier than expected today and I am very proud of myself that I am updating my blog this much! haha. Today I helped two stylists, one who was the stylist for Mel B and the other one for a young Hollywood party. That was a lot of fun but I had to do many tasks at once. Furthermore, I was merchandising clothes and checking in.What is so funny is that people at my work think that I am from Britain because of the way I am speaking. Today I asked an intern called Hannah if she thought I had a strong accent and she said "kind of but I like british accents" I was like "whaat do I really sound british?" and my friend Carrie said the same thing the other day to me. Hmm..well. Oh, also I forgot to tell you, do you know what... we get to borrow clothes! Tonight I am going to Boulevard 3, a summer launch party. So much fun!

Now it is weeeekend:) and three days off from work!




..where to next?

Sorry, I should not involve you in this as I should lecture myself. When living in Sweden, I keep on thinking about what to prepare for school in England, once in England I start planning my trip to LA and when here I am looking ahead and dreaming away, thinking about how it would be like running down the streets of New York for the next year, spending Christmas days in Central Park and go to my favorite restaurants in downtown. I really really like where I am right now and I have got offered a great place to live here in the Villas park labrea starting in the fall, another apartment however but in the same complex and I have an amazing job and I really like the people I am working with and got wonderful new friends. But, there is a big but, I love...I love New York! And in New York is where the big magazines have their base and when it comes to being a writer I know New York is the place to be. So these days there are a lot of decisions that needs to be made and I will try my hardest not to seem absent at work!


Do you need to be a bitch when it comes to career?

I don't care if Monday's blue

Me and Charlotte had a wonderful day! Brunch at Toast and shopping. Now it is around 11 pm and we are going to Hotel Roosevelt! xxxx

Santa Monica

Just got back from Santa Monica. Me, Charlotte and Dori drove there and walked around, had mexican food, coronas and I even had ice-cream and fries (wow!) Santa Monica is so pretty and not so far away from the city, only took us around half an hour to get there by car. I stayed there last year in September and walking there today brought back so many memories. The drive back to the city was so pretty!

Last night we went to mystudio with my friend Sean who is a promoter. Tonight I will just take it easy and watch a movie. So excited to just stay home!:) I was supposed to go to a friends place for pre drinks and Las Palmas but I really just feel like staying home tonight.
Charlotte and I in Santa Monica!

big decisions

Last night we went to Guys and dolls, a club here in Hollywood and came home pretty late. The other night we went to Colony and that was so much fun and such a nice place, The Hamptons inspired scenery. The night after that we went out for sushi at a place in Santa Monica and then I went to the Valley. Today I am going out for mexican food and drinks but no clubbing after! Right now I have a big decision to make. Should I go to New York in the fall or stay here in LA?

Me and Charlotte
Kendra, Sarah and Michelle

My flatmates and apartment!!

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