Product pitch for LUSH: Lush launches new product range that will make exercise cooler


Scrub a dub dub, LUSH cosmetics is thinking outside the tub


London, UK - LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetic is launching the new product range ‘Ache-away’ for gym and sports goers, in conjunction with the leading up to this years Wimbledon and products will be available in stores from June 20th, 2010.


Cooling down after exercise is just as important in reducing the risk of injury as the warming up process before. LUSH new range of products for sport and gym goers will, in combination with a simple stretch, help the body recover after the workout and make it possible to face the busy schedule the next morning.


‘Ache-away’ is made out of carefully hand picked ingredients in order to work for all body and exercise types. Jasmine, cardamon oil and clove bud oil are the main ingredients and each one of these has its individual effect. The use of jasmine will help loosen up still limbs, cardamon oil will warm up the muscles and furthermore, the use of clove bud oil will help relieving pain.


“This is a big step for Lush, something the company should have done a long time ago.” says Mark Constantine, founder and chairman of LUSH. “We always want our produ cts to bring profit to the customer and the team has worked hard to pick out the best ingredients. With the right resources we are hoping to extend the range further in the upcoming future” Mark continues.


The new product range consists of a shower gel, body butter, deodorant, bath bombs and massage bars and will be available for both women and men.

assignments and finals ahead!

And the break is coming to an end, longer than a thought because of flight cancellations. Now I have around a month to do one cmr and one law assignment, finishing up a media event and a webdesign as well as 3 other words library 24/7!

My what to do list

When I was in high school I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve in life. I call this my "what to do list". I can remember some of the bullet-points and I also remember that I extended the list with time. Some of the things on the list was: dancing on Broadway, become a journalist, write my own book and then I know I also put down: to be able to play the guitar. Thinking back at the time when I was sitting there writing my list, I was actually pretty sure that I was going to be dancing on a Broadway stage one day. I remember I pictured myself walking in backstage, on the downtown streets of New York wearing my back-pack and trainers ready for practice. I also remember I pictured myself walking in on ELLE with a smile on my face, asking for a position. I had no worries that I had not yet attended a University course. No, no.. I actually thought I could be able to get a job! But do you know what, even though some people called me naive or hmm what's the word...gullible, I believe these dreams of mine and my beliefs in myself actually lead me to where I am today because without them I would probably not even leave Sweden to start with. Today, when you ask me, "so did you dance on a Broadway stage?" or "where can I find that book of yours?" I might have to disappoint you by saying that I have not yet got my book published and I did not make it to one of the musical auditions in New York. However, I watched the lights of the downtown streets in New York, felt the hot air of that summer night in the city and got the shivers when watching that Broadway show. Also, I took writing classes in the city together with professional journalists. Today, I bring my guitar with me wherever I travel and trust me when I say that I will never give up my dream of becoming a writer. I mean, who are we without dreams and goals? And remember, if you reach for the stars you might catch the moon.

Get carried away!


What defines you, would be a typical question to answer in an interview. Answering that question, I would mention my motivation, passion for writing and international mind. Despite that and some other things that defines my personality, I would talk about how important my friendships are to me. Thinking about it, I am happy to say that my friends have to some extent helped me develop to the person I am today. This goes back in time, way back in time! Today, I had a lunch and coffee with a friend I had not seen in maybe two years! When meeting her, sitting in the car on the way to town laughing, it did not feel more than a month ago we were camping in her backyard, told ghost stories and fought over the highest grade in elementary school. We were real competitors back then, even though she once allowed me to peek on her chemistry test when I sat clueless wondering what the heck C2O + H2SO4 meant in a chemistry table. I believe what I am trying to say is that the good friends will always be there and it does not matter how long you haven't seen each other for. When you find yourself on a flight to England or on your way to the US, one very important thing to keep in mind is the importance of friendships and how one or two plane rides will never be able to change that. Good friends are forever!

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