Sleeping is overrated

Tonight, while sitting on a bench by the beach in Barcelona I couldn't deny the fact that I was annoyed that I have to work tomorrow. Even though I knew that I had to wake up early I thought that, in two years from now what will matter the most...the fact that I'll be a little bit tired in the morning or the memories from a night out in a rainy but beautiful Barcelona? So, I decided to join my friend for a beer (haha) and stay up a little bit longer. We walked around in El Born and bought chocolate, went to a park that looks like a mix between Hyde and Central Park, walked along the beach to the W hotel and down Las Ramblas (where I got worried that some weirdo was gonna jump out and steal my wallet...I really do need to buy a good bag with a zipper that's hard to open..did I tell you that I got robbed here once?) Goodnight! xx


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