A Cinderella Story

Today I came to think about what makes a person pretty. We all know it is a cliche' to say beauty is inner beauty, but we also know it is the truth. In the fairy tale, Cinderella goes unnoticed until her appearance is magically transformed to match little girls' ideal of beauty and loveliness, which they grow up believing is the true beauty, the beauty boys will fall for. Though, when they are grown up they will understand that it is not Cinderellas big dress, her glass slippers or  blonde hair that will make the prince (notice: in the real world!) fall for her, it is her personality we get to know during the whole movie. I mean, aren't we more beautiful in our jogging clothes or by the fire when we are out camping with less make-up without any concernes about how we look? Just with that sweatshirt and sweatpants having a good time? Without those high-heel shoes and that push-up bra? Don't we love the barefoot Cinderella just how she is, how she sings to the animals and dreams away looking out through the window? Satisfied with the dress the mice made for her. And I cant help of wonder; do the pretty girls, want the guys who want them for their good look? For that Christian Dior coat? I don't know if this makes any sense, but hopefully you understand what I mean. In the fairy tale, the princess kiss the frog and hope he will be the prince right? Little girls still do, in hope that this little frog don't have to be the prince on the surface, to be the prince.

This whole pretty-is-not-always-the-look thing made me think about this in particular night out in New York. In general, the whole club atmosphere, contacts and that VIP is ridiculously shallow - I am totally aware of that! You are not allowed in without the right contacts, the right outfit or pretty face. Sadly, this is just how it is, and I got even more mad this one time when a promoter told me that the friend of my friend was not allowed to stay. According to her, she was just not good looking enough. Excuse me? At first, I thought miss understood her, but then I understood that she was actually serious.

At the end, won't this desperate need of looking good strip away some of our inner selves?  


It is amazing what the mind remembers and how it remembers it, packaging your senses together in such a way that when you hear a special song, you're suddenly on that beach in Barcelona. When wathcing and old TV program, you suddenly smell apple pie or when a person walks you by, wearing the old Escada perfyme you remember how much fun you had skiing together with your friends in Livigno almost three years ago.


Life is a learning process

Today I went through my old boxes of books, pictures, clothes, bags I can not believe I even considerate buying, school catalogues and diaries. What I really was looking for was my saved school work. Saved school work from secondary all the way up to my three years of high-school. For some reason I could not find it. I know I saved it somewhere; my big folders of assignments, essays and exams. It bugs me because what I was searching to find was this in particular assignment in psychology. An assignment about different stages in life and how our childhood affects how we are as individuals today, a subject which I remember myself digging deep into. Now, when I do not have my work in front of me I am just going to speak my mind. Okay, so where to start? I have always been a person with a lot of questions. In everything I write, I always tend to put a questionmark at the end of a paragraph and then I answer my own question. It doesn't matter whether it comes to friendship, career, life in general, school etc. I always have some kind of question or wonder. And after answering the question, I learn a lot. I really do believe it lies in my childhood. When I was younger I put my Ipod ("cd-player") on when my dad was telling my brothers about important facts in the car. I was a dreamer and lived in my own world with no concerns whatsoever. When my dad was telling my siblings about the chemical reason behind fire, I did not want to believe the theoretical fact. I loved to believe it was just magic. What I am trying to say is; my reason for writing as much as I do today, probably has its roots in looking out through the window and dreaming away in the car as a child. In other words, a lot of what we do and how we are today is the x factor of what we have done in and learned from our past.



Contacts are everything

You probably heard it before, but I'll say it again: contacts ARE everything. Whether you are educating yourself through books, assignments and exams in the world of Marketing or with interviews, focus groups, reports and radioproduction in the world of media you will reach your dream and that specific profession with the right kinds of contatcs. With some help. I just got one of those incredible contacts that might (I don't want to say too much) be able to help me to get where I want, or at least give me some valuable advice. My quesion to the journalist/reporter, now also working in the PR business, was a tricky one. What do you suggest me to do in the following situation; "I am in Public Relations and have been taking some credits in Media Communication. In the future I want to work with international communication but communication in what I love the most - writing." What I learned from reading her feedback was that the most important thing is to have a base, a degree as a steady ground to stand on. While studying, she recommended me to take some extra classes in what I love, in my case writing. Then to send a pitch and good ideas to magazines, talk to VD instead of only sending resumes, and the most important fact: to never give up! 


Girlynight at carros

Mina, Caroline, Charlotte 

Best Friends

A friend is someone who fills our lives
with beauty, joy, and grace.
And makes the whole world we live in
a better and happier place.

Home for Christmas

Home. Finally! I cant even describe the feeling. It is so so so nice to be home, to meet my friends and my family, to have food right there and to sleep in my own bed. Even better, it is christmas and my house is so cozy with lights and stars everywhere. My mom is baking, my brother's making dinner and tomorrow we're having friends over for planning New Years. When I came to Heathrew yesterday, the whole airport was decorated and I had no problem sitting at Starbucks waiting for the flight:) (I found my favorite Victorias Secret lipglosses, and I bought three haha) But whats funny though is that the actual flight is 1,5-2 hours but the whole trip (getting to the airport, going through security and all of that, getting on the flight, waiting for it to take off, getting your luggage, the train over to Sweden and the ride home) takes about hmm...10 hours? No maybe not really that long but at least 7. Or now when I think about it ..yeah 10 or even 11. That's crazy haha. I left my room in Bournemouth at 12.00 in the afternoon and I was at home around 11.00 pm. What if the flight actually could pick you up outside where you are and fly you straight home. Oh yes, I also have to tell you haha; When I was waiting for the bus to Heathrow from Bournemouth, it was late so they had to order like 10 different cabs to drive everyone to the airport (Luckilly I did not have to pay any extra!)  

Today I went to town with my mom, my brother and his friend. Then I cleaned my room: out with the summerclothes and in with winterclothes, made it christmasy, put out candy and two glasses of wine for spending some time with Stephanie. It was so nice to see her again! 3 months ago I think, since I saw her last in New York. Tomorrow we're going for a power-walk down to the beach I hope.



3 days left of school, then I am going home home for christmas! My flight is on friday and the only thing I have left to do before that is a presentation in marketing. And I will get my businessreport back on Thursday. A little bit nervous. Today I will go into town and by a book for Writing and fundation skills (The Gathering) and then leave in some papers and rent some books for the assignment over christmas. That is pretty much it:) I will try to take an early train to London on Friday so I can experience a little bit of the christmas there. Heard it is really pretty.  

Dance like nobody is watching

Where to next?

It is not that I am restless. I am just used to pack my suitcase, have my passport in my pocket and go for new adventures, meet new people and experience new things. In other words, I love to travel and everything about it. When I was younger, I remember myself going with my family to see their friends every now and then and what I loved the most was the car ride. I loved to sit in the car at night, looking at the lights from the cities and dream away. I still do. As a teenager, I took the train every second weekend to visit my friends in different parts of Sweden, went back and foreward to my summer house and along with my graduation I knew that I wanted to see the world. I know there is so much out there to see and experience. After two years of travelling to different destinations it is hard to realize the fact that I am acutally "home" now. Or at least at the place where I will be living for the next years. If I could choose, I would take another year and go back-packing across Europe. Though, that year has to wait. The real world is calling. Though, it is important to live your life, you have to build up your life and your future. After all, you only live once and therefore I have to combine the two.

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