What do you spend your money on?


or should I ask: what do you prefer spending your money on? Let's say you go to work 5 days a week, working 9-5 and getting a 500 dollar check friday afternoon. What do you do with your money? Of course you need to pay all those boring bills and do the food shopping, but after that? Some buy the latest dress, Marc Jacobs shoes or a lot of  expensive make-up. I spend my money on memories! You ask yourself: memories? What do you mean with that? I mean a dinner with your friends at that new restaurant, a ski-weekend away or a Broadwayshow. I can even spend money on a whole pick-nick set- strawberrys, lunch wine and chocolate for a whole day on the beach. Whatever, if you're feeling that all your clothes starting to get out of fashion. No one will notice if you wear that black skirt tomorrow again. I'm gonna be honest. I'm not a cheapskake when it comes to visit restaurants! I can spend around 70 dollar without feeling guilty. People around me are raising their eyebrowns, asking themself: is she insane? Well, I'm not, I just know that spending your money on memories is the best way to do it. Don't forget, you get the whole atmosphere! If you're visiting that broadwayshow, you'll maybe get the walk-in-the-park, a before and an after-drink, a dinner and of course - the show! You will probably remember this in ten years from now. And in ten years, you will look back and tell yourself: I'm so glad I didn't buy that 300 dollar Donna Karan dress!

The City

Tonight I came to think about the word City. Do we ever think about the importance of a city and what it can bring us? Or is it just there - below us and around us, like the ground we are walking on. I remember myself taking the Southeast train to and from Manhattan while living outside. In the beginning I was always amazed, thinking about everything it contained. One big city and so many opportunities!  

In a city you're surrounded by people with different lifestyles and backgrounds. There are different jobs, restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres, places to visit, shows to see, people to meet, things to buy, sightseeings and there is always something new to experience. Frankly speaking, It's up to you! Everyday is a new day and you should enjoy whats around you. If you really put your guts into it you can succeed.  In a city like New York or any other big cities, your big city dreams can become true. According to my opinion, It's just a matter of the right time at the right place, confidence and independence. "Opportunities are big time shuts, if you don't take them that instant, you might loose them forever" - Carolyn Kepcher

The art of writing


Writing. So many people do, in different ways, and have done ever since the beginning of our history. Expressing yourself, dreaming away in a story, fairytale, lyric, poem or just writing a letter to the one you love. A letter, a book or just a piece of paper can contain so many feelings, thoughts, experiences, beliefs and dreams. I love writing and everything about it. I love sitting in my room with light candles, a glas of wine with nothing but a computer infront of me - writing about everything I feel like writing about. It clears my mind. When thousand thoughts are running through my head, I find myself a pencil and suddenly I can see clearly again. 

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