A new week, new exciting things.



While going through my emails over my regular Starbucks coffee this morning, I noticed that my blog is now linked to a Swedish student site www.gostudy.se. So in the future, if you for some reason would forget my website you can always go in and find it here haha. What else..? Yeah, we just had a morning meeting here in the office and scheduled a couple of different articles for this week. There is a lot of things going on in Barcelona right now because, believe it or not, THE SUMMER IS HERE! Fun start of the new week:  http://ht.ly/55MSg

Oh, I love old music.

Recently, I have been listening a lot to TLC and Destiny's Child. Moving my suitcases from the US over to Europe also means that I am now moving from Pandora Radio to Spotify. I love exercising while listening to Destiny's Child! A couple of months ago, I was on the same flight (from LA to Vegas) as Kelly Rowland. She seemed so nice! Anyways, have a lovely weekend. Xxx

Happy Friday!

Yey it is Friday, probably the best day of the week if you ask me! Today I am working on my weekly fashion column and as I got a lot of great feedback on the last vintage story I did, I decided to write a second one. I went out in Barcelona in order to get some great pictures and talk a little bit to a few of the owners in my no-hablo-mucho-espanol spanish/english. Stay tuned! :)

Follow your dreams..

Get out there. Do something fabulous. Make it happen.

Coffee Break.

Grab some motivation and bring it to the table..

I have always loved J Crew

Eenie meenie...

Having breakfast at Tiffany's.

Okay, I am having one of those bad-blog-update periods. It's been my birthday (happy birthday to me happy birthday to me! lol) and I am having my best friend from the UK over, it's been beautiful as in BEAUTIFUL weather etc etc..Anyways, thought I'd give you a brief update. Today we are going to Tiffanys in order to spend some of my birthday-money followed by a manicure (I have a coupe of days off from work!) and I am so excited. I hope you are having a great start of the new week! Xxx


I wish I could have Los Angeles as a neighbour, New York around the corner, Sweden nxt to my everyday go-to coffee shop and England in the flat above mine. Thank God for Skype! Xxx

Every day is a gift, that's why they call it the present.

Melrose Av. Los Angeles.

There's no place like New York.

Carrie dancing with Alexandr at Lincoln Center in that pink dress. Beautiful.

tick-tock tick-tock

Busy (but fun) day today. This is exactly what I need to stay on top! Starbucks around the corner is just too good to be true! Happy Friday everyone Xxx

Barcelona Street Style: Where did you get that?

Quim, 29, Sales Associate, Looking forward to start studying design in September

Shirt: Beskha Pants: H&M Top: H&M Belt: Massimo Dutti Glasses: Loewe

What inspires your style: I am very inspired by magazines and everything vintage! My favorite designer is Hussein Chalayan.

My, Sweden, 24, Design Assistant.

Shirt: Samsöe Samsöe Blazer: H&M Bag: Vintage Skirt: "Actually and old dress that I decided to cut this morning as I needed a black skirt to go with my outfit" Glasses: Raybans

Who is your favorite designer: I don't like the traditional designers that everyone knows about like Marc Jacobs etc. Hm..I have to think for a while..Well, as I am Swedish, I would say Ann Sofie Back. I love her lines!

Cindy, Germany.

Skirt: From China Top: H&M Hat: A gift from a friend Shoes: Converse

What your favorite stores? Zara and H&M

Left: Kourosh, New York, 39, Doctor

Stretch jeans: Uniqlo Scarf: Paul Smith Shirt: Opening Ceremony Shoes: Creative Glasses: YSL

What inspires your style? I would say gender bending. Living in New York, it's hard not to be inspired. I also love to watch what other people are wearing on the street. I call it street creativity.

Right: Don, New York, 41, Fashion Illustrator (I love his blog, you just gotta check it out: www.donoehl.com. No wonder he has a great sense of fashion.)

Shirt: Oak Chinos: Uniqlo Shoes: Puma Glasses: Vintage

Favorite designer: Rick Owens. I love his comfy yet fashionable clothes.

Olga, Estonia

Top: Zara (S/S 2011) Bag: Zara (S/S 2011) Glasses: Leonard, Vintage Pants: A gift from a friend

What are you doing in Barcelona: I am here together with my boyfriend Carel. We are just enjoying the sunshine and looking for vintage stores (I love everything vintage!) Right now we are on the hunt for Le Swing Vintage. Do you know where we can find that store?

Emma, 20, Sweden, currently lives in Barcelona and works in customer service.

Dress: H&M Glasses: Raybans Watch: Adidas Shoes: Converse Bag: H&M

What influence your style: I would say Alexander Wang's lines but I am also very influenced by music and movies. My favorite band is the Strokes.

Elina, 31, Sweden, in Barcelona on vacation with friends (looking for a good lunch spot).

Skirt: Cheap Monday Top: Vintage Glasses: YSL Bag: Marc Jacobs

If you could only wear one designer everyday, who would that be? I would definitely say Acne. I love the classic clothes.

Koy, 24, Korea, Studying fine arts

Blazer: Ted Baker Shirt: American Apparel Bag: Prada Shorts: Korea Glasses: Raybans Shoes: KG quier

Who is your favorite designer? I would say Mattue Williams but I am also very inspired by vintage. I often go to vintage markets and find a lot of interesting clothes.

Xavier with Chloe, 36, Paris, Visual Merchandising (dreaming about a job in PR)

Shoes: Clarks Shorts: Marimekko (special collection for H&M) Shirt: HANES Bag: Tati Glasses: Bought on the streets of Barcelona

Your bag is very chic, is Tati a store in Barcelona: Tati is actually a very famous supermarket in Paris. It's very cheap and from the beginning the store targeted poor people (or well, less rich people). Anyways, throughout the years, Tati has become very fashionable and a lot of fashion people in Paris go there to shop.

Emma, 25, Barcelona, workshop burlesque

What are you wearing? Actually, everything vintage!

Paige, 22, Canada, college graduate

Dress: Hollister Bag: Coach Shoes: Vintage Cardigan: Vintage Favorite designer: Louis Vuitton

What are you doing in Barcelona? I'm here on vacation with my family. We have been here for a week and leaving tomorrow.

Left: Zac, 25, Mexico, Student

Boots: Pepe Jeans Bag: Stradivarus Necklace: Tiffany Glasses: Raybans

Who is your favorite designer? Alexander McQueen

Right: Paula, 28, Colombia, Student

Glasses: Raybans Shirt: H&M (S/S 2011) Pants: Zara Bag: Claudia Lievano Watch: Swatch

What inspires your style? Summer-trends! I love summer clothes!

Clara, 19, Barcelona, Student

Shorts: Stradivarius Shoes: H&M Bag: Ugo Santini, Vintage

Who is your favorite designer? Stella McCartney

What inspires your style? Blogs!

Dear Thursday, Stop Pretending to be Friday (It's very misleading)

Today I have been out shooting Barcelona Street Style for this week's Fashion Friday. I am so excited to see all of the pictures. I was loving the different styles and all of the happy people, who were more than willing to participate. Okay, stay tuned and I'll try to upload the pictures as soon as possible.

Dear Phone, Please Work! XOXO

Not to be a complainer, but I always feel that I have troubles with my phones. This picture is from one of the thousand times I visited the Sprint store in Beverly Center in order to get my phone contract to work. It was such a hassle everytime! I always seemed to have some kind of trouble at the end of each month. Ugh! Remember how frustrating it was to talk to people who couldn't understand nor speak English (I just couldn't understand how US phone companies could hire ppl in customer service that didn't speak the language) Anyways, my phone doesn't work...again. This time my Spanish phone number and my new phone that I got this Christmas (don't tell my Dad!). First, I forgot my pin number (working 10 hours a day, I didn't have the time to get it sorted) When I finally found the sheet with the number, my phone got destroyed from running home after work one day when it was raining outside. Now, I feel as phone less as Carrie B.

Update yourself often like an ap.

The haircut.

That dress.


The positive attitude.

And then, the shoes ... of course.

Be that girl.

Im on a coffee overdose -


I want this bed! So beautiful.

Sequins are vital..

Standard hotel, downtown LA. Dress from my previous fashion PR internship. Designer: Urban Behavior.

Is there such thing as a diet-coke break?

diet-coke and manicure break at work is fun fun..fun!:)

I had no clue..

..that what we all call healthy food isn't always that healthy. In fact, it can be bad for you! You gotta check out Comsopolitans interesting article about the secret ingredients in some "fruit" food that are a lot less healthy than you think. Rice cakes and salads for example. What a shocker!

Copy. Paste. Read. Take notes. http://ht.ly/4Qfhn


Can't live without my magazines...

Good morning sunshine.

Monday. A new week and new exciting things waiting ahead. I woke up early this morning to call my grandparents in Sweden. Always wonderful to talk to them! I know they are happy now when I am closer to home and not far away in Los Angeles with a 9 hour time difference.

I bought a top this Saturday (...as well as a jacket, skirt etc etc) I love sequins and thought the top was a little bit Carrie in SATC. It could be cute to wear together with a blazer. What do you think? Yah or nah?

Shop, shop, shop...and blame it on the handbag!


Swedish Guiselle manage my new favorite go-to vintage store "Le Swing Vintage" located in El Born. I am always amazed by her impeccable style and sense of fashion. No wonder this second-hand boutique is to die for! If Old Hollywood, trendy and glam together this vintage store would be the result.



I think I am starting to develop an obsession with this store. In other words, I want to have all the bags, every single shoe and all of the jewelry - a girl can dream right? Located on C/Rec 16, this boutique has two floors and a sister store called Blow by Le Swing which is located further down the street. Blow by Le Swing carries Louis Vuitton suitcases and amazing Chanel bags! I paid a visit the other day but today, I am focusing on doing some shopping in Guiselle's boutique. Walking around the store, I found a white Gucci blazer for 140 Euros, a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes (for only 69 Euros!), YSL shoes à la Charlotte in SATC (86 Euros) and the cutest Marc Jacobs shoes (perfect for the summer!) I could not resist buying a pair of pink Dolce and Gabbana shoes with embellishment for only 89 Euros. I mean for these prices, it's nothing but a win/win situation!

Barcelona fashion


And then...to the bags! My favorite is the white Chanel bag for 495 Euros. Then there is the Black Chanel bag for 595 Euros and the Hermès bag that I can only dream about buying. This one is 4000 Euros. Please buy this one so I can live vicariously though you! Thanks.


Here are some pictures of these amazing bags. Ta-da!



Shopping in Barcelona

Everyone with every type of style is sure to find their favorite accessories here as the pieces are sure to warrant many "Where did you get those?!" But you have to hurry over here ASAP because I can tell you one thing - it goes fast! One day you are thinking about buying a necklace and a pair of earrings and then the next day, they're gone! As a self-proclaimed earring junkie, I could simply not resist buying a pair of purple wonderful earrings with gold embellishment that I now frequently use. At Le Swing, you'll find everythin g from classy/red-carpet accessories to Old Hollywood-hats and edgy earrings with a punch of hot pink or turquoise that Samantha in SATC would go and buy in a heartbeat. For the brave fashionista or simply the short-sighted, Christian Dior and Chanel glasses (with our without glass) are to be found here. What's not to love about that!?


Barcelona shopping


If you don't live in Barcelona or are unable to visit the store, you can call Guiselle on +34 933 101 449 or simply shoot her an

email: info@leswingvintage.com

Now go and shop, shop, shop....and blame it on the handbag! xxx Charlotte

They don't call it casual Friday for nothing.

I just took a break from the work to sit on the balcony for a while. The weather could shape up though...Happy Friday everyone!:)


If you are a media/communication/PR student, PR professional or simply someone seeking a job in the PR field - look this way!:) I strongly recommend you visit www.nycprgirl.com. Here, you'll learn how to master a phone interview, write the perfect cover letter and getting the most out of your twitter account. To be honest, I go on to their website everyday. XOXO

Vogue and Lunch.

Just went on a lunch-break with my friend from work. Look what I found in the May issue of Vogue. I love everything on this page, this is just so pretty I can't handle it! I especially love the pink lace underwear!

"I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature; lace always evokes for me those incomparable designs which the branches and leaves of trees embroider across the sky, and I do not think that any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful and precise origin."

- Coco Chanel, 1939

Le Swing Vintage

Swedish Guiselle manage my new favorite vintage store "le swing vintage" located in El Born. After shooting yesterday's video, I sneaked in to say hi (..and take some more pictures.) I am always amazed by her impeccable style and sense of fashion. Last time I visited, she was wearing a red vintage dress with a colorful scarf tied around her waste. One step closer to Audrey-ism, she had her hair in a classy updo.

Yesterday, I wanted to have the name and the place of where she got e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that she was wearing. As taken out of a magazine, she was wearing a polka dot button-up skirt with matching polka dot tights, a turquoise bigger necklace and a white corset.

A(nother) city that never sleeps.

I like to have a city that never sleeps to keep me on my toes. However, I don't want to have a street that never sleeps outside my apartment building. The other night, Barcelona won the football game against Madrid and fireworks were going off all night long. Sometimes I thought that  I was going to die from a heart-attack. However, there are a lot of things I love about this city. The lights draped across the streets during the evenings, the many art galleries, the romantic aura over practically the whole city, the architecture, all of the cute coffee shops and boutiques etc. Everyday, I pass by so many things that are beautiful. But what I love most about this city is that there are always new things to explore. 


No matter what I am wearing, my earrings will always sparkle.

Unless they're pearls of course..

Oh Happy Day!

Good morning! This morning, it was one of those beautiful mornings when the sun is at an impeccable angle that shines perfectly across my room leaving everything under a bright, blind/shaped shadow. But I could not lay there long becuase I had to get ready for another day at work and today, I'm gonna be on camera. I'm actually really really excited. We are gonna shoot in El Born and we're leaving the office soon soon so gotta go. Have a wonderful day!

Shoe Addiction.

There is no need to leave your feet out of your spring fashion thoughts. Naked, nude, taupe, blush, however you want to say it, this shoe color is flatteringt on just about anyone. Go buy a pair!

Get your sparkle on!

I like when my nails match my mood. Today I woke up feeling very sparkly (?) and happy! Walking out of my room singing : good morning, good morning only made my flatmate look at me asking "why are you so extremely happy?" (well, not exactly in those words but I don't want to use the F-Word.) So, this morning before heading out to grab my daily caffee latte at starbuck before work I chose a colorful jumpsuit with flowerprints and ruffles. To make the look even more me I put some flowers in my hair. It's ashame to waste this beautiful day inside an office but gotta stay productive.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry..

..for the extremely bad update lately. My computer broke (spilled water on it...) and this is actually a legit excuse..then it's been the royal wedding, a busy weekend and yeah..enough excuses already, I'm back! I hope you all are feeling fantastic and that you have had a good start of the new week. Look at this cute spring outfit! Very Charlotte in SATC don't you think? Need a cute pair of pants or a skirt to make it complete though.


If someone shows up somewhere late but is dressed terribly are they still fashionably late? (My friend had the perfect answer "No, they are terribly late" lol)

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