7 months went kinda fast..

Time flies, plans change and having a year when you are able to just boost up your CV and still get a years school credits makes me wonder if it is time to move on to the next internship. Therefore, after 7 months, I say bye bye to Red Light PR for this time. However, I am gonna miss everyone so so much and never will I forget my time here. Here are some pictures from where I worked on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles.


I've always wanted a room with big windows overlooking a beach or a beautiful park. I will have a big white bed and beautiful white curtains. In the window it should be flowers just like these and next to those I will put up my favorite dresses.

Oscar Nominees 2011

It's a day after but due to time difference this is the best I can do. For you who haven't seen it yet, get excited to hear the announcement of this year academy award nominees. Here we go!

You rock my world

Here on my blog, I tend to write a lot about travel, career and education and today it it me; I barely mention anything about my friends. Weird I thought...Therefore, I think that I should post some pictures of my best friends!

Caroline and I in the summertime!
Mina and Caroline
Me and Stephanie in New York!
Charlotte and I in Los Angeles!

I want a dress like....

...this white one!

I love Saturdays...especially this one!




Hope you are having a good weekend as well...Mine is all about making those big decisions (yeah, I really do have to make up my mind now because time flies) Happy news though is that yesterday I received the papers on that I will get sponsored for my visa this year!! But this weekend is not only about paperwork and decision-making...I will also spend time with my family and having fun with my friends of course! TTYL! XXXX

A call from Paris

Before knowing more about my situation in Los Angeles this year, I sent out a couple of emails and resumes and now I have got an interview at a company in Paris! Amazing! I won't say more than that. I hope you all are having a great week! xxxxx


Princess closet

Reblogged these three first pictures from from
Oh, I not only love the outfits but closets with dresses like that only makes me want it be summer now now now! Anyways, this morning I was welcomed by rain, slash, name it, it was on the ground! You bet this makes me eager to get away now. Today, I am super busy with emails, paperwork etc that I need to sort out this week so I can go on new adventures. Btw, did I tell you that I got an internship at a media company in Spain - Barcelona? Would be awesome, but no...not this time:)
Mariah Carey's closet, you could live there

Golden Globes 2011: Nominees and Winners

Okay, that was the lets see who won.......

Now, let's get excited and look forward to the announcement of the Oscar nominees this January 25th!

Why plastic surgery?'s quite obvious that Megan Fox has undergone at least one plastic surgery and once again, this is an example on how plastic surgery works against your look. Megan Fox was so pretty before so the question is; why did she do this? Pictures from the Golden Globes,

Okay, ready to go back to LA already!

I miss the sunshine, miss the beach and the laid-back lifestyle!!

It's the Golden Globes Awards

The 68th Golden Globes Awards is coming our way this weekend (January 16th) - live from the red carpet in Hollywood. I'm so bummed I'm not in LA yet!!! This Sunday, I'll be watching the live broadcasting on NBC and have my fingers crossed that Natalie Portman gets an award for her amazing acting in the Black Swan!!

Joy Bryant on the Rachel Zoe's Project

So the other day I was watching the Rachel Zoe's project...not that I am a fan, but it was on TV and I had to watch it to snap some shots at work before. Anyways, they were dressing this actress and I suddenly thought...I know her...from where? After some thinking I remember that I met her at Chateau a couple of weeks ago and she was telling me and my friends how she moved to LA from New York to be an actress. Her name is Joy Bryant and as I am not that big on the celebrity front, I did not know that she has been in movies such as the Spiderman, Honey and the tv show Entourage. Anyways, i just have to throw it out there that she is so nice and deserve all of her success!

A new year, new adventures!


Recently people have been writing, asking me why I have a password on my blog. The reason is that I have had so much going on and many decisions to make, making it hard for me to have the time to update. Anyways, I will be back within the next couple of don't stop checking in...promise.. xxxxxx


Skateboard and art
I wanna do a roadtrip!
This is the kinda stuff you'll find when you go downtown!

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