Today me and charlotte (so funny we both named charlotte haha) spent the day on Melrose shopping. Yesterday I went out for drinks on sunset and then after met up with friends at Las Palmas. Tonight we are going to colony! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xoxo


Yesterday was crazy in LA. The Lakers won the NBA finals at the Staple center just a few blocks from where we were watching the game and it was lights, helicopters and chearing everywhere! Tonight I will probably go to koi with some friends. Tomorrow I am going to Malibu and to a movie premier at night. And guess what, next week we are invited to the Twilight Saga! Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Here are some pictures from last night before we went to Boudoir!

Lakers game

I am at my friends house by USC and we are watching the Lakers and Boston game..and guess what: drinking beer! (so not me drinking beer but fun) Eating chips, guacamole and salsa. Two of the girls works at a law firm and one girl at Los Angeles Childrens Hospitals. Working girls! Okay, gotta continue watching the game. Hope you are all good and you are having a wonderful day!

Lazy day

I have Mondays off from work, woho! My friend from work is coming here soon and we are going to Beverly Hills to do some shopping. Yesterday we took her car and went up to the Canyon and that was an a-m-a-z-i-n-g view over LA. So we are going there today again, except today we are bringing cameras:) Here are some pictures I took today from where I live. Oh yes, also, today I found out that Lauren and Heidi lived here when the filmed the Hills. That is pretty cool. Have a wonderful day!


The apartment where I live!
The pool area
My friends by the pool


Love life!

Sitting here with my friend, we are heading out in Hollywood tonight after an amazing day. We have been roadtrippin up to Griffith Observatory and the view was amazing! After that we drove down to OC where we went to Newport and Laguna beach. Here are some pictures. Love California. Love life!
the view from griffith

Me in Laguna

On the road back to LA

Good morning Hollywood!

It is 10 am here and the sun is shining! This morning I woke up around 7 am and went down to the pool for coffee, some exercise and a magazine. The people living here are so nice! Today I am thinking about doing all those things I love to do when I have "me time" Here are some pictures I just took! From my webcam though, have to find one of those world adaptors so I can charge my camera because it ran out of battery. Have a wonderful day!


The view from the apartment! It is too dark to take inside of the apartment right now and my room mates are sleeping.

lala land

After a long long flight I am in Los Angeles, West Hollywood. And I love it here already because where I live is just like a holiday resort. Actually reminds me of where I stayed one time with my family in Pacific beach. Anyways, the flight was 9 + 6 hours. 9 hours to New York, where I changed flight and another 6 to la. No wonder I am tired. When I got to our place in Hollywood I spend some time by the pool and tried to sleep for a while but got woken up by someone who wanted to treat me for pizza. Ate pizza and watched the Lakers and Boston play basketball. Then when some other people came and wanted to bring vodka to the jaccuzzi I decided to go up because I did not want to get in trouble. I am happy I did because tomorrow I have a lot of things that I want and have to do, one thing on the calendar is quasadias, definitely quasadias because California has the best. haha Goodnight! (or goodmorning Sweden)

I will miss you so much!

I have been told that I have to start posting more here now so here are some pictures from the days home in Sweden. Tomorrow, I am taking off and I will miss my friends in Sweden and my family so so much!!!
Now I have a lot of things to do before tomorrow so arriverderci!
Me and Stephanie, best friends forever!
Stephanie and Mina

Caroline! I will miss you so so much!

In Sweden for three days

I arrived to Sweden yesterday and let me tell you, I am so happy to be home and meet my family again! As much as I long for tuesday, when I am moving to Los Angeles, I think it is a little bit sad that I will only spend a couple of days with my family. Anyways, I will make the most out of the time I am home. Lately, I have been studying so much that the library turned into my home. With one big media event project, cmr and law assignment as well as three hard exams I am exhausted but now it is summer and off I go to LA. Up with spring clothes and in to the suitcases go all my summer dresses.

Is there such thing as the search for a hectic lifestyle?


The other day on my way back from school, about to enter a roundabout almost as hectic as my own life seemed to be on that Friday afternoon, I took up an Elle magazine from my bag, waited patiently to cross the road. I took a deep breath and found that reading something else rather than law, politics and economic books was a relief for the moment. As I started to flip through the pages of the magazine an article with the headline “Is the stigma of therapy shrinking” caught my attention. Therapy or as the magazine outlined: LA therapy. The UK based magazine wrote about the subject in such an angle that it seemed “cool” and “hip”, hiding factors such as stress and anxiety in between glamorous sentences; “In the states therapy is as much a national emblem as the skinny decaff latte with extra whip”, “therapy seems to be the norm of successful, intelligent women trying to improve their lives” followed by “it doesn’t get much more LA than this, all you need is a shrink” Even though I was tired from a week of revising, this article woke me up! And I started thinking… when did therapy become a trend? And do some people today actually search for a hectic lifestyle, in which therapy is just a balanced factor in the equation? Of course people should do what makes them happy and if therapy will contribute to your personal wellbeing, then why not…but to encourage a lifestyle leading up to the need for therapy is just wrong! I looked up from the magazine and thought: is it trendy to be busy and stressed with work? Is that what makes us feel important? I did not want to believe that but in a world in which we feel ashamed and embarrassed if hanging out on the couch, watching movies a whole weekend as we rather want to fill our calendar with work, cocktail parties, activities ..and work in order to keep ourselves busy, it is no wonder people consider therapy. However, my suggestion is to allow yourself a break and go for a run or just a walk along the beach and appreciate what you have achieved as that could just be the best type of therapy.



One city, so many cities


I once heard someone say that before you die you need to have seen the New York skyline. I believe that is true. I will never forget my very first train rides into New York City. As a nineteen-year-old girl with headphones in my ears, playing the four seasons December 1963, I sat glued to the window, fascinated of what was in front of me.While sitting there I started thinking of how that one city, only twenty minutes away by train, could contain so much: so many different people, dreams, success, careers, talents, shows, restaurants etc. And even though I barely could keep my eyes open when that same train took me back to Connecticut in the early mornings after a night out in the city, I could not keep myself from looking back over my shoulder in order to witness the rippling red-orange sun just raising with the city beneath it, before sleeping the 50 minutes back to the train station. With this being said, it can’t be argued anything but: New York is amazing and so are other big cities such as London and Barcelona for example. As much as I love to travel, one can spend a whole day in New York or London without doing so and still travel the world. There is China town for example, Little Italy, Paris just by Central Park, The French restaurants downtown, and the Japanese restaurants on Bleecker and Meetpackingdistrict. Whilst walking down a street in Notthing Hill, these thoughts hit me again: how one city can take you to so many cities. That is what I love about travelling; one city always brings you something new and that is why I can’t wait to pack my suitcase and keep my passport safely stored in my back pocket ready to enter the world for new adventures.



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