Happy Sunday!

Our apartment :)

No Dress Code

Photo shoot at Griffith

Me, Josefin, Christina, Teresia

More to come..

East meets West

When I ask people what they like most about LA I always get the same answer..."the diversity!" True! When people ask me if I like LA, I always hear myself giving them the same answer "It's so different from what I first thought, but I have learnt to love it!" And what I love the most about this city is just that: it's anything from what I first thought. And I really have..learnt to love it! Being here for 6 months (Oh my God, it's been 6 months!) I'm starting to know my way around, just the same way as I knew my way around the streets of New York and it's undergrounds. The other night, when driving back from LAX to West Hollywood where I live, I couldn't be anything but amazed by all the flights waiting patiently in the sky on their turn to make their landing. This made me think of how awesome this city really is. The amount of talented people you meet, the opportunities, movies, music and fashion. Whether you're at work, in a class, at an event or a bar, you're always surrounded by talents  (..or what Elle magazine called it in their latest issue; lovely and amazing people!) So the difference then, between New York and Los Angeles I mean. Let me just tell you this, I can't fit it into this article. But I can tell you this; As a writer, New York will always remain my true love.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Me and Christina in our apartment.

Today I received an email from my friend in Sweden who told me that it was snowing so much over there! Cozy! Christmas is on its way and I have had such a Christmas feeling today (even though we don't have any snow in LA).
Have a wonderful Holiday everyone! Warm wishes! xxx

Welcome Christmas, from the Grove

Thanksgiving on my mind

This weekend has been so much fun! Thursday I went out for a goodbye dinner on sunset. One of my close friends here is leaving LA and going back to Atlanta. Afterwards, I went to a western inspired event hosted by Johnny Knoxville. Friday, me and my friend were invited to a dinner in Beverly Hills and yesterday we went to a Cosmopolitan event. Tonight we are going to a Thanksgiving dinner and afterwards we're putting on cozy clothes to go and see the Christmas tree lighting at the Grove and drink hot chocolate. Only thing missing now is snow (but I heard they are going to have fake snow!).
Quick update..hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Xx

It's Friday I'm in love.

November Sunshine

Me and bestie Josefin
Roomie Louise!

Fairy Tales Do Come True..

..and dreams become reality when you speak them out aloud

Happy Sunday!

Saturday's fun in Downtown

It's been a beautiful day today! Still can't believe it's November. When driving through a Christmas decorated Beverly Hills it hit me that it's almost December. Today I went to a sample sale event in Downtown followed by lunch. I wish I've been better at updating my blog lately because a lot of fun things have happened. I'm gonna try to get better. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Xx

Go by a train and dance in the rain

Going the Distance

Drove up a hill where I could feel the ocean, see for miles....

Writing about experiences..

Last week I went to the travel writing and blogging class I've signed up for. Located only a few blocks from where I live, I saw this as a sign..I just had to take the class! These types of classes give me such an inspiration! Just like the writing class I took in New York, this one gave me so many ideas! Being the youngest one in the class, I know what people mean when they are talking about people watching. In one single room, so many amazing stories and dreams were being shared and they all were writing, has been or looking to write about it. As much as I love to travel and always looking for a new place to go to, one city can bring you to so many different destinations. With China town in London and Little Italy in New York, Los Angeles also has its special spots, hidden amongst Hollywood's flashing lights (you just have to keep your eyes open!). Tonight I am going to Nobu, a restaurant that's located in cities such as Beijing, New York, London, Tokyo and Milan.

I have always said that...I spend my money on memories.

Hello from your bff in sweden.

Sorry for breaking into your blog charlotte but as best friends I think its okay doing that. Just wanted to say that I miss you and that I love u and I hope you are doing great in lala-land. I long for the christmasbreak when you´re coming home. We are gonna have so much fun!


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