Where to next?

Wanting to work hard in school and striving for good grades has always been a part of me. In fact, I love school, learning, my university friends and professors. That being said, I never thought I'd hear myself say this but...but...I don't want to go back to school. No, not this year. Why? Well..because, being offered a job in Los Angeles, wanting to go back to Los Angeles, wanting to start writing (like, really writing..and with this I mean; for a magazine and on my book) makes me wish that I had that diploma in my hand already. But we all know that we don't always get what we want in life and the fact of the matter is that heading back to England for a final year of University is not an option; this is something I just have to do! So next on the agenda - the UK!

The summer is drawing to a close and in a couple of weeks time I'll be on another flight...

Saturday Reading.

I have always been interested in cooking but while living in Barcelona, this interest transferred into a hobby. I loved the Spanish ingredients! The country's fruits and vegetables were just to die for. Anyhow, I am not here to tell you about cooking but while flipping through a book full of great recipes, I found a few more valuable secrets on how to keep your skin flawless!

First of all, we all know the obvious - no coffee (drink tea intstead!), avoid alcohol and too much sun (as this will dry out your skin..) and don't eat too much meat. Instead, look into makeup with high SPF and keep a recipe book filled with great fish and chicken dishes. Furthermore, one of the most important components of skin health is vitamin A as well as food with high antioxidant content such as blackberries, blueberries and strawberries.

Buy yourself an umbrella. Too much sun is never good!

Not that I am a food expert but I have learned a lot recently and I thought I'd share my knowledge with you. Sharing is caring, right?

So, this is what I think you should do:

  • Skribble down what I just wrote.
  • Drink a lot of water: 6-8 glasses a day.
  • Start your morning with hot lemon water..drink a glass 20 minutes before your breakfast.
  • Two times a week, apply honey on your skin. Not only in the face but on other areas such as legs and arms. Honey is in fact a great natural ingredient for skin treatments. It works as a natural moisturizer, drawing pure moisture into your skin to help hydrate, smooth and soften.


Are you like me - wandering around Sephora and Macy's, looking like a questionmark browsing through brands such as Biotherm, Lancôme and Clinique in order to find that perfect day - and night cream? If you ask me, I believe this is a pretty hard task. Ofentimes, when a sales person asks me "what is your skintype" I answer something like "hmm..I really don't know?" Anyhow, I am a follower of Lauren Conrad's beauty blog, where I just found this amazing beauty secret! The ingredient is called Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Hands-down the best instant hydration ingredient available. In fact, this ingredient is actually created in your own body and "can be found in almost every single cell." "Unfortunately though, its half-life is between 1-3 days before it is broken down and excreted" However, many scientists have bottled 100 % HA for us to apply on our skin - making your skin hydrate instantly! If you drank too much caffeine or alcohol, were on a 15-hour flight, studied all night...you name it.. just apply two drops of HA on your skin and you're moisturized back to as you just left the facialist. You will find this ingredient in pracitally any skin care or make up lines. #Justsaying!


Something Sweden

Ah, the crisp smell of fall is amazing! Especially here in Sweden. Yes, I am home..but before I write anything else I would like to (once again) apologize for being the bad blog-updater(?) that I am. I mean, I might even consider shutting down my blog. No okay, that last thing was a joke as I love to write. But seriously...

So, I am here to update you. Let's see...what has happened in my life in the past hmm..three weeks or so? I kinda got a great job offer in Los Angeles which I unfortunately had to write a "thank you I would love to be considered for a position in your PR department but unfortunately I have to go back to England for a final year of school. But let's definately stay in touch!" email to. Let me just tell you one thing: I CAN'T stand bad timing like that!
What else...I have wrapped up my year of internship and moved my suitcases from Barcelona to lovely Sweden and my summerhouse. It is amazing to spend time with family and friends, be out in the nature and just relax.

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

..these are chic looks for fall.

I'm home! (In Sweden that is...)

Beautiful Summer.

Summer here in Barcelona is heating up. Not just the temperature but also all the adventures and things I can do now when not working. My friend from Sweden has arrived and after a long run in the park yesterday, we started this morning with a power-walk in the park and around the beautiful El Born neighborhood. Just opposite my apartment, on the other side of the sidewalk, there is a cute little tea shop that serves ice-tea for free (!) My go to shop every morning.

If it wasn't 70 degrees today, this is what I would be wearing (taken from the Sartorialist.com)..

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