It's just something about early mornings.

Today I started my new job and that meant waking up a little bit earlier than usual, which was totally fine with me. I actually love the mornings - the rush hour, the people passing me by wearing suits (looking like they all are working at J.P.Morgan), Starbucks on the go and the free newspapers. I am now working by Plaza de Catalunya where I do PR and marketing for a Real Estate company and so far, I love it! Just had a lunch-break with my new work colleagues on the balcony outside the office - overlooking the city. It's a beautiful day in Barcelona today. Probably around 65 degrees. xxxx

The Perfect Brunch.

The other day, me and my friend Kajsa had brunch by the beach here in Barcelona and the waiters were so cute and treated us for dessert, drinks, one meal and coffee. Everything for free...can you believe it? We told them that we were gonna come back - of course! (Now, if I only could remember the name of the restaurant..)

Decision making.


Living in Barcelona only makes my hair blonder..and blonder. So I am gonna color this! Have thinking about it a long time now, and I think a browner hair color would suit me. Me and Olivia are going to the hairdressers on Friday. Excited! Tomorrow I'll start my new job, yey! xx

It's like cocktails on a different level -

Forever21 is opening up in Barcelona! I haven't done any research or anything so I can't promise you that this is something totally new but from the shopping I have done in this city so far...this is a big surprise to me! This morning, while trying to help the cab driver with directions (well, the best I could in my yo-no-hablo-mucho-espanol-spanish to a cab driver that could not even spell the word english..And this was btw a very hard task for me that early in the morning) I suddenly saw the Forever21 sign outside a...what I think was a mall and I had to let the cab driver try to figure it out on his own for a while I took a deep breath. So, now...whenever I miss Los Angeles, this is where you'll find me!

Cleaning my apartment part II

You know how it is..during the week we tell ourselves that as soon as the weekend comes, we will get all of those practical things done that we left undone during the week. However, when Saturday comes along we really end up doing one of those doing-the-laundry-cleaning-the-apartment-go-grocery-shopping things and then being exhausted. Well at least I do. Therefore I spent this evening cleaning my apartment. However, I am looking for a new place preferably in GraciaEl Born or by Plaza de Catalunya. A place like this would be awesome - I love the typical Spanish looking apartment with one stone wall and antique design. I also love whites and romantic details - such as flowers, candles, covers with laces and big white curtains.

Sunday's best.

I'm a lip gloss addict..and see what I found on my way home from the gym. Not as good as my Victoria's Secret lip glosses but really cute.
Late brunch time. Fast, bad-quality picture, sorry about that..I'm in a hurry, Ciao!

Nothing inspires like caffeine -

Happy Sunday everyone. It's a beautiful day here in Barcelona, or it's starting to was a little bit cloudy this morning. I am sitting in my tracksuit and gonna hit the gym and then I was thinking about just go slumming in Barcelona and by slumming I mean wearing sneakers. Later on today I am meeting two friends for...well, first we said brunch but as one of my close friends here is sleepyhead (haha)...I have a feeling that this brunch is gonna turn into dinner. I am so excited for tomorrow by the way, I'll tell you later. xxx



I love Barcelona but something that I have discovered about this city is that it's kinda isolated from the rest of the world - meaning, not many people here speak nor understand english, tv-shows and movies are dubbed into the local language but what bothers me the that I can't find any UK or US Magazines. I am getting pretty frustrated over the fact that I can't read my favorite magazines - Vogue, Elle or Marie Claire.

Finally Friday.

I am beyond motivated.

Mark your calendars and grab your laptops!

Beautiful Day.

Today is a beautiful day, the sky is all blue and it almost feels like summer! Took a picture but seriously, excuse the curtains..if I could change I would do in a second but not sure the person who I am renting the apartment of would approve. Anyways, have a wonderful day everyone. xxx

Wonderful Memories.

A big happy birthday to Josefin on your birthday! Sad that I can't be in Los Angeles and give you a big birthday hug today. Remember all of our cozy night walks, Gyu-Kaku, trips to Blockbuster and movie nights with tons of blankets, popcorn and candy, sleepover nights even though we lived in the same apartment, bar weekends at Chateau Marmont and Skybar, shopping in downtown, Vegas, Thanksgiving, when we decided to make a video blog on our way to LAX (that only lasted one day haha), Yogurthland, impulsive rides to IKEA etc. Wonderful memories Hettson! Love you!

Wasting time.

Okay I am off. Meeting my friend at 10 pm. A night at the W Hotel turned into a movie night but after a long day that is totally fine with me. Just had some fun with my photobooth, so here are some pictures. xxx


Valentino at Diagonal / Passeig de Gracia

Inspiration, inspiration.

I love dresses with shirts underneath. Many times when I have found a pretty dress, I have tried explaining to my friends how a shirt or a blouse would go great with but they are just looking at me like question marks. This is what I am talking about - Pictures from fashiontoast

Coffee Fail 101.

Bought soy chai latte (always, always!). Left. Got into cab. Tasted. Regular. This can set my mood back for the whole day.

Love sequin dresses.

I love the green sequin dress above. It reminded me off the blue one I was wearing at the W Hotel in Los Angeles and would be perfect to wear tonight because we are actually going to the W Hotel here in Barcelona. But before that, we are going apartment-hunting. Correction, I am going apartment hunting and I talked my friend into coming with me. Spring is here and I love it! xxx

The great movies last forever..

..and bring back wonderful childhood memories.

Blankets, a book and diet coke.

After a long weekend away I am back in my apartment in Gracia. Tonight I am gonna do absolutely nothing. Gonna start a new book and just take it easy. Sometimes, those evenings are the best ones. I hope you all had a great weekend. xxx

after rain comes sunshine.

I think I need a shrink for my spring/summer shoes, they're so depressed being kept inside. Good thing this rainy weather finally decided to say bye bye.

SATC never gets old. period.

Japan versus Spain


Today has been a beautiful day so I have spent some time on my rooftop in my bikini, improving my spanish and just being happy to have the day off! Ciao!

I found the cutest bookstore..and beautiful earrings.

Found these in a vintage store in El Born. Beautiful! Now, the only thing an invite to one of those red carpet events haha. Actually, I am gonna wear these tonight - dinner and cocktails with a friend! When did Sunday become the new Saturday? (When your week is really busy I guess..)

Let everyday move you in the direction of your dreams.

Isn't it funny how you move from one continent to another and within only two weeks time, the new city slowly starts to feel like your home. The other day, while going to a comedy thing with a couple of friends in a part of Barcelona where I have never been before (where not many people knew how to spell the word english), I started thinking about one time when I went to a stand up comedy show on Melrose in Los Angeles. It was just around that time when I started to feel that Los Angeles was my home. I knew my way around the city, I had my favorite restaurants and shops, had found wonderful new friends and had a good job. So the other day, when we were all gathered around some typical spanish tapas at a bar after the show I said "isn't it funny that one month ago I didn't even know that I was going to Barcelona, and now I live here. I mean, one month ago I didn't even know who anyone of you guys were." Well, this is what a love about life, you never know where it will take you.

Be yourself. The world worships the original.

Love this skirt and the coral blazer.

From DKNY.

Just one of those days.

Today is just one of those days when I miss the US - I miss my friends and the Villas in Los Angeles and spring in New York. I wish I was having brunch at Toast on 3rd street right now or that I was sitting at a bench in Central Park with a Starbucks in my hand, with my best friend Stephanie. Yesterday, I went out for tapas with a friend from California. He has been here for a month and therefore knows a lot more about the city than I do, so he had some pretty good things he recommended me to go see. We were walking around in a part of the city called el Born and went to see the Santa Maria del Mar Church.

Another application.

Today I am working from home. Sitting in my apartment with my windows open (love spanish windows with those really cute...what do you call it...wooden extra windows you can open and close..not sure you'll understand but anyways) It is probably around 65 degrees outside and I am sitting here listening to the Barcelona traffic and working on my computer (took a break to do some blogging, don't judge me). Later on today, I am going out exploring the city with a friend, not that I haven't done that yet but there are always new parts of this city to explore, new tapas restaurants to try, new cute coffee/bakery shops and parks, shopping streets and museums.

Also, I am working on something new and I do keep my fingers crossed for this one! Ciao!

Vogue and coffee

Eat, Pray, Love

Today I met a friend who lives in the cutes neighborhood! The part of Barcelona where I live is called Gracia and this part of the city is called Ciutat Vella. We found a lot of cute shops and this really nice restaurant and decided to sit outside in the sun with red wine and tapas (fried calamari, olives and sallad) Here are some pictures that I took. The first two pictures are from Gracia - my favorite ice-cream shop. xxxx

Hasta Luego!

This morning, before work, I went up to my rooftop to have some coffee and practice my spanish. I think this is my favorite spot in this city so far (especially when it's nice weather). Here are some pictures. Happy weekend everyone! xxx - C

The view from my apartment..

and this is why I love Barcelona..

The Oscars Recap

So there are rumors that the 127 hour star James Franco was a little faded during the Oscars and he is now getting universally trashed for his work as Oscar cohost. Look at this video!

What's wrong with my shoes?

Okay, so I'm not kidding when I say that around 300 people were staring at my shoes on my way to work this morning. At my shoes, then at me and then...back at my shoes. So today I was wearing purple shoes but I have to defend the whole situation by saying that this even happened when I was wearing normal black boots the other day while going shopping. Tomorrow I am going to wear flip-flops just to see if this is a normal thing they do here in Spain (ha!)

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