First day at work.

Barcelona is starting to become my favorite city. I love the atmosphere, the people are so nice (the ones that I can talk to who understands me/english haha) and the weather is wonderful. I am starting to learn Spanish(!) I bought a book yesterday and I have to say that I am making progress. Today is my first day at work and I had to take the subway to another part of the city, closer to the University. So here I am, at the office with a beautiful view over Avenue Paral.el, creating a twitter and a blog for the company. I hope you all are having a great day! xxx

Last breakfast at home this AM

Today's a busy busy day so I woke up early this morning (considering running on a coffee overdose today). Need to make sure that I have everything set before I head off, of course. xxx

Great start of the new week, next on the list...packing!

Beautiful Sunday

One picture is worth a hundred words

Happy Friday!

I'm still not totally well yet, but fingers crossed I will be at the end of this weekend. I kind of promised my best friend Mina to go out with her tomorrow, here where I live. For you guys who don't have me on facebook, I am from Helsingborg in Sweden so this is where I live when I am not in the US or studying in England. Anyhow, as I said I am moving. This time to Barcelona actually. I got a great internship at a media event company so I thought that I should discover that city for 3 months or so. Barcelona has always been a city close to my heart, from going there with my family a couple of times. I love the atmosphere and honestly I can't wait to get back to the sunshine and the warm weather. Bikini, summer-dresses and sunglasses check check..check! I think I was pretty good at taking pictures in Los Angeles so I will keep it up and bring my camera.

I hope you are having an amazing start of the weekend. As I am still a little bit sick, my schedule for the evening is looking something like this: 90210, pajamas, Coca-Cola and dinner at home. xxx - C

The Worst Timing

Popsicles, skyrocket phone and skype-bills, having the time to read books, OC and the Hills marathons and the dream of not waking up with a cold the next day (haha) But actually, that is pretty much how my days look like now when I am sick. Yesterday, I actually thought it was wednesday when it was thursday. No...I mean.. yesterday I thought it was tuesday when it was wednesday. Okay so that's bad. When I start mixing up the days, that's when I know that I am sick. Okay, enough with the complaints. I am moving in less than a week. In a week from now I will be starting my new job. So go away cold go away, come again another day because I gotta make time to pack, say bye to my friends and family and do a lot of other important things. - C

How cute!

I would be so scared to wake up trapped in this, with the top down. But other than that, this bed is super cute!


Today was supposed to be a great day. Last night, I could barely fall asleep and today I woke up sick. Great! So, when my best friend calls me I refuse to admit that I am sick, so I stick not to! Yep, it's all about that positive attitude. But I only have myself to blame when I go out running in all kinds of weather. Anyways, today I will do something I have never done before. Hopefully it will be nice and hopefully I will go all the way with it! And if it would turn out to be a disaster, I have my friends to take care of me when I start crying. - C

Happy Valentines day, xoxoxo

Hope you all are having a fabulous day today :) xxx

In ten days....I take off!

Until I get back to California again, you can still keep track on the LA life by visiting my favorite roomies blogs.
Josefin (also known as hettson)
Emma :
But now, I am off to a new city. Apartment set, internship set and I am moving the 23rd of Feb. Stay tuned and I will tell you where I am going. xxx

Dress me pretty


I wish I had a Dunkin' Donuts around the corner!

I don't care if Monday's blue

Skype interviews. rainy days. my guitar. writing. long phone calls. missing. wonderful memories. big dreams. decisions. future. a new airport. a new city. a new apartment. new people. a new job. excited. excited about much. excited about summer. excited about possibilities.

Bye bye The Villas..hey hey new apartment

Bye bye to my old apartment at the Villas. After 7 months, there are no words for how much I am gonna miss it! But I know I will be back soon:)

A Cinderella Story

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