It's soon November and it is 80 degrees in LA!  Tonight I am going to see the phantom of the opera musical. I have never seen it before so it will be fun! Hope you all have had a nice day! :)

A Vogue Idea

Hey, do you want to know a secret? It's really a long story but I'm gonna make it short. PR is the new journalism! When you are buying a magazine for your 5 dollars (if you are lucky, $3), you are buying something with such a complex process and history. Let me tell you why, and I did not know this five years ago when I was fighting my hardest to get into journalism with PR as a second choice. As you already might now, publishers of magazines earn money from advertisement, subscriptions and the sales generated from the newsstand. The key to this success is you! In other words, the readers. If a magazine listens to its audience and gives them the stories they demand it will make the big bucks. Depending on the magazine and its readers of course, there will be everything from articles, features, celebrities, fashion pages and advertisement. So where do these features and articles come from? You might already know this but before, I actually thought that these came from the editors and journalists who I pictured myself flying all over the world researching and interviewing in order to create these stories. This happens when it comes to the interviewing part but in general, I was wrong. Magazines need articles and organizations need publicity and here is where most of the stories happen. The key to all this is PR; the relationship between the PR people and the organization and the relationship between the PR people and the editors. So the next time you see a nice summer dress on Rachel Bilson next to some paragraphs talking about Stella McCartney's new summer collection, this is not a journalist interviewing her, quoting her on how she loves the new clothing line. It's all PR work!

Places I've been, people I've met and things that I've done

When I hear a certain song, smell a certain perfume or get that certain spring feeling for example, I get thrown back in time to different moments, reminding me of how wonderful life is. Because do you know what, you never know where you are going to end up, what the next day will bring you or who you will meet. I think that is the beauty of life. Every new day is a mystery and you should make the most out of it. Think about it.

Do you need to be a bitch when it comes to career?

So as I heard someone say today at work; if you stay in LA long enough you become slow, laid back they said being more specific, and if you live in New York you easily become cold. I don't know if I necessarily agree with this statement but what I do know from working in PR and watching reality shows such as the City on MTV is that as further people get on the career ladder, the colder they seem to get. This brings me to question whether you have to be a bitch when it comes to career. I mean, is this necessary in a world in which you will be facing competition, people who are trying to walk over you and boss you around. When you look at people who are high up in their position you will face many raised eyebrows and short "thank you"'s without any "have a nice weekend"'s. If questioned, I am sure they would not even have noticed it themselves as they are too busy and have too many emails to answer. I have to admit that a couple of weeks ago, my friend at work came up to me and said that she thought I bossed her around. Even if this only happened once, I was shocked and questioned her or myself as a matter of fact, wondering if this even could be possible. I never boss people around, I thought. What for me seemed to be "handling work fast and getting everything done in order" reflected something that was not me. So this is how I would answer my question; always treat people the same way as you would want to be treated by them! And of course there is no need to be a bitch. There are other ways to get ahead than with a bad attitude! Whether you are in the industry of journalism, PR, finance or marketing who you want to be outside work is the personality you should carry in the office.

It's fall...and Halloween!

It's a new week and it's already starting to get busy. So much I need to get done! Anyways, this weekend have been filled with everything from a halloween party (costume party...which we found out just a couple of hours before so ended up being the only ones not dressed up) to dinner at Katsuya and an invite to be in a movie with Kate Bosworth. By the way, I have a couple of ideas of what to be for Halloween but I think I have made up my mind now!! Have to go to bed now, up early tomorrow! Goodnighty!
Who has the best costume of us?


Happy Friday everyone!:) While most of my friends are going out I decided to go to the movies tonight instead. Here are some pictures from yesterday.
Picture of my best roomies Christina, Josefin, Louise and Emma.

J Crew Advert!

I really liked this advert and the way Katie Holmes is dressed in the picture! Don't you?

Cozy weather and fun plans..

It's fall in Los least every second day! Honestly, I did not even think they had that season here..I mean, I thought it was sunny almost everyday. But I guess I was wrong because today it has been one of those cozy fall days. I just got back from a work out with my friends. We went to a park by the Grove called Pacific park. Tomorrow we are invited to the LA Kings hockey game here in LA. But first... spinning class, coffee with a friend and gym!
Stay tuned and I will put up pictures from the game tomorrow!

Girls trip to Vegas!

Vegas from the flight!



Josefin cutie:)

Here are a few pictures from the last time we went to Vegas. A fun trip with my friends:)

Photoshop mix

Me and my friend Carmelle are in my apartment and just played around with photoshop are the final pix.

Spring Preview


Teresia and I in my apartment

Sample Sale and Fashion Show!

It's no fun being sick..

At a poolparty in Vegas last weekend

Guess and Marie Claire Cocktail Party

Here are some pictures from the Marie-Claire cocktail party that me and my friend Carmelle were invited to. The party took place in the Guess store at the Hollywood Highland mall.

Pancakeday and Movie Night!

Fay, Josefin, Alexandra and Emma
Teresia, Louise and Christina

After a girlyday by the pool and shopping in Beverly Hills we went up to a party in the Hills. Today it is pancakeday and movienight. While all the other girls are sleeping, me and Josefin are in charge of making the pancakes:)

Coffee addiction anyone?

There is really no dunkin donut in LA! I want my pink donut with sprinkles please! Here is a picture I took at Newark last month haha! Also, I have to write that I have the worlds greatest room-mates. Josefin, Christina, Louise and Emma..we have so much fun!! Last night we went out to two clubs in Hollywood called Mystudio and Premiere.

I want a new phone!

Sky Bar Welcomes Sidewalks Spring Collection


I stole some pictures from my friends camera haha so here are some pictures from downtown last weekend:)


Here are some pictures from Vegas! Guess what..I was taught how to gamble and it was so fun!

Movie Night and Afterparty

Tonight I am invited to see Wall street at Arclight in Hollywood. Afterparty at Boulevard 3, a club just next to my work. Tomorrow we are going to Vegas. Hope you all had a good day! xxx

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