Charlotte and Caroline at Mollbergs

December 23

Tonight I have put a dress on, I'm listening to michael buble kinda music :) and will help my mom making christmas food because tomorrow it is Christmas Eve!:) Today I have been doing some more christmas shopping with Caroline and Bella (and the cutest dog ever!) Slash but me and Caroline call him Flash.

Give thanks and praise: It's Christmas!

Hey wonderful world! It is still snow outside, yes yes yes, it is a white Christmas! Today, me and Mina are going to town. Waiting for her right now to be ready at the hairdressers. She is taking soo long haha! I have helped cleaning the house, cleaned my room, downloaded such good music and now I have run out of ideas to do so I am being a loser just taki ng pi ctures. We are going out Christmas shopping and hopefully we will drink hot chocolate, which is my addiction (really, I always want hot chocolate! haha) Yesterday I decorated our Christmas tree and spent time with my family. Me and my little brother did some christmas baking and drank hot chocolate haha. Something that is less good is my bad effort of starting working on my assignments. I have a business assignment, PR assignment and a layout thing. I tell myself almost everyday, today will be the day I start with my business assignment, but I end up doing something else instead. Not good. I'll start soon...
Have a good day everyone! xoxo Charlotte

Get that perfect resume, then the dream job!

It is no surprise that it can be hard to get to where you want in the world of today. A top high-school degree followed by life experiences, a bachelor degree, internships, a preferable masters degree and some more work experiences. Then you are a go getter, attractive on the marketplace! People say you should not write the headline before writing the real story but when you have known your ambition a nd dream as far as you can remember you want to write your story after the headline. Therefore, I can sometimes question the in between. Take myself for an example. I want to be a writer. I have always wanted to be a writer. A writer, hm? okay? what do you mean with that? people tend to ask me. "Be more specific." Followed by questions such as: do you want to write a book? or what do you want to write about? For what kind of magazine and for what kind of target audience? etc etc. I am aware of that the choices are many but I am also aware of the competition and the lack of jobs in the industry of journalism. Furthermore, how PR is the new journalism, taking over the jobs. So then, the back up plan comes into play. A Public Relations degree, which involves both writing and units such as marketing, business and advertising. Great! But...wait...I wanted to be a writer right?

I can't help of wonder, do we sometimes find ourselves fighting on a side track of the road we really want to walk on, just in order to succeed get up on it?

Night in Lund

Yesterday was fun and now I can say that I really love Lund! This town is so nice and cozy, especially with the snow everywhere. My parents went to University here when they were young and a big part of me really want to live here:)
More about yesterday. Me and Caroline ate christmas food with candles in the living room and then met up with Lalle and Daniel to go to a place called Tbar and Mynta(?) Really fun! Today we are going to have hot chokolate in the snow and later tonight go to a birthdayparty in Helsingborg. 


Hey Friday!

Happy friday everyone! Sitting here in cozy clothes just taking it eaasy watching the Hills:) Today I have talked in the phone, cleaned my room, talked in the phone...talked in the phone and played guitar:) So wonderful being home! Was supposed to go for a christmas dinner with my family around 7-nish but as my little brother is sick, that got cancelled. Unfortunate! Around 8 pm I'm going to Lund for a girls night oout! Gonna have a little moving-in party for Caroline and then we are going out. I really wanted to go visit my store in Båstad today as Caroline is going there to do some shopping/blogging. But didn't have access to the car so can't go:(
Check out her blogg though

Friday morning and PR meeting

I am sitting at school with a coffee, scarf and cozy clothes because it is really cold outside now. Blue sky though - really love this weather actually:) Well, sitting here with my PR agency called Magnify working on our presentation until thursday. Have to develop key messages and campaign objectives today. Yesterday we worked at events, wrote and came up with an idea for an invitation and produced a logo. A lot of fun creative work!
Today, I am going into town wanna take a long walk by the beach and then later tonight I am going to a Christmasparty. Have a good friday everyone!
/ Charlotte


New Years is gonna be so much fun! Stephanie is coming home from New York and Jodie is coming visit me and I will meet both Caroline and Lalle again!:)


Feature pitch - check
Communication & Marketing research proposal - check
Timed press release - check
PR campaign, presentation - thursday 11/12
Sweden - friday 12/12
A lot, a lot of work recently. I have spent hours in the library, sitting in pajamas pants in the open access center til midnight with coffee, redbull and tons of books. But now I am counting down the days til I am going back home to Sweden for CHRISTMASBREAK:) there is one big presentation left to do and then I will be home until the 12th of January. After Christmas I will work hard to get a good placement! I have talked to a lot of companies, both in London, New York and Sweden.

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