Whether I am writing about fashion or travel, I am writing. And I love it.

Fashion: it's actually funny how I ended up writing about it.
Once upon a time I was one of those people that thought
that anyone involved in the fashion industry was shallow and superficial.
At the same time though, I was wearing the latest
designers and rocking my studded stilettos.
So for all intents and purposes I was being a bit of a hypocrite.
A little more contemplation and I arrived at the conclusion that
in fact I like fashion, and that 'fashion people'
are often deeply artistic people, creating visions and
forms that directly influence culture and society.
On a personal level, fashion can change your mood and inspire you,
and that intrinsic power can be amazing.
One of my favourite designers, Oscar de la Renta once said:
"when a woman falls in love with something
so much that she wants to wear it -
it is as that point when it becomes fashion".

Starting my fashion PR career in Los Angeles I soon realized that
'fashion people' are interesting and unique in many ways
and my internships gave me an unparalleled look into their world.
I attended fashion events and shows, talked with fashion editors,
met people from all aspects of the industry, traveled a lot and saw
the inner workings of the fashion magazine world as well.
DKNY's PR girl once wrote the following on her Tumblr page:
"We know PR stands for 'Public Relations' but I believe
it also stands for 'Personal Relations".
I quickly recognized the truth in this statement.
There is so much more to fashion PR than
just glamour and glossy ad spreads.
The key to the industry, at almost every level, is collaboration, and
creating and nourishing these relationships so they heed fruitful results.
Thanks to the explosion of social media, and our world shrinking in general,
we have more tools than ever to create these relationships.
Of course, it doesn't hurt to have impeccable
writing skills, but those can be harder to attain.
You usually have them, or you don't.

So where am I going with all this?
For as long as I can remember I've wanted to become a writer.
As a child I would sit and flip through fashion mags and pray that
one day my name too would appear at the top of one of their stories.
My first mentor in high school was an editor and she
instilled in me the belief and determination
that if I wrote, every single day that I would one day reach my
goal of becoming a professional writer.
So I headed her advice and worked H-a-r-d.
I'm not a motivational speaker, but the advice
I can offer to aspiring authors is two-fold:
Always wear your passion (this will bring you new opportunities)
and always follow your dream no matter how daunting it might seem.
Do whatever it takes to get there!
As for myself, whether I'm writing about fashion,
food, or travel, I am writing, and I love it.
It doesn't matter if I do it in my Louboutins or my sneakers.

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