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Ah, the crisp smell of fall is amazing! Especially here in Sweden. Yes, I am home..but before I write anything else I would like to (once again) apologize for being the bad blog-updater(?) that I am. I mean, I might even consider shutting down my blog. No okay, that last thing was a joke as I love to write. But seriously...

So, I am here to update you. Let's see...what has happened in my life in the past hmm..three weeks or so? I kinda got a great job offer in Los Angeles which I unfortunately had to write a "thank you I would love to be considered for a position in your PR department but unfortunately I have to go back to England for a final year of school. But let's definately stay in touch!" email to. Let me just tell you one thing: I CAN'T stand bad timing like that!
What else...I have wrapped up my year of internship and moved my suitcases from Barcelona to lovely Sweden and my summerhouse. It is amazing to spend time with family and friends, be out in the nature and just relax.


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