Oh na na what's my name.

We all know the awkward and embarressing moment when;
at a party, on the street or in the office, one forget the other person's name.
It has happened to me and I'm sure it has happened to you.
And of course we all would get offended if
we realized that the one we...thought we knew..
or work/worked with misspelled or even forgot our name!
I mean, all the time we have spent drawing and
coloring our names in kindergarten
and on our notebooks in high-school,
our name is extremely important to us.
Personally, I carry a necklace with my name on it everyday
and to be honest; if I would receive an email or
a facebook message from someone misspelling my name
I wouldn't have that much interest in reading any further.
Because the person much have a) rushed the email or
b) don't know me.
So anyways, the other day while sending
away an email to a potential employer here in Sweden
(if I am home for a month before going back to school I thought
I might as well make the most out of my time here..)
I did a big as in BIG mistake.
Yes, I misspelled the name of the employer!


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