Shop, shop, shop...and blame it on the handbag!


Swedish Guiselle manage my new favorite go-to vintage store "Le Swing Vintage" located in El Born. I am always amazed by her impeccable style and sense of fashion. No wonder this second-hand boutique is to die for! If Old Hollywood, trendy and glam together this vintage store would be the result.



I think I am starting to develop an obsession with this store. In other words, I want to have all the bags, every single shoe and all of the jewelry - a girl can dream right? Located on C/Rec 16, this boutique has two floors and a sister store called Blow by Le Swing which is located further down the street. Blow by Le Swing carries Louis Vuitton suitcases and amazing Chanel bags! I paid a visit the other day but today, I am focusing on doing some shopping in Guiselle's boutique. Walking around the store, I found a white Gucci blazer for 140 Euros, a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes (for only 69 Euros!), YSL shoes à la Charlotte in SATC (86 Euros) and the cutest Marc Jacobs shoes (perfect for the summer!) I could not resist buying a pair of pink Dolce and Gabbana shoes with embellishment for only 89 Euros. I mean for these prices, it's nothing but a win/win situation!

Barcelona fashion


And the bags! My favorite is the white Chanel bag for 495 Euros. Then there is the Black Chanel bag for 595 Euros and the Hermès bag that I can only dream about buying. This one is 4000 Euros. Please buy this one so I can live vicariously though you! Thanks.


Here are some pictures of these amazing bags. Ta-da!



Shopping in Barcelona

Everyone with every type of style is sure to find their favorite accessories here as the pieces are sure to warrant many "Where did you get those?!" But you have to hurry over here ASAP because I can tell you one thing - it goes fast! One day you are thinking about buying a necklace and a pair of earrings and then the next day, they're gone! As a self-proclaimed earring junkie, I could simply not resist buying a pair of purple wonderful earrings with gold embellishment that I now frequently use. At Le Swing, you'll find everythin g from classy/red-carpet accessories to Old Hollywood-hats and edgy earrings with a punch of hot pink or turquoise that Samantha in SATC would go and buy in a heartbeat. For the brave fashionista or simply the short-sighted, Christian Dior and Chanel glasses (with our without glass) are to be found here. What's not to love about that!?


Barcelona shopping


If you don't live in Barcelona or are unable to visit the store, you can call Guiselle on +34 933 101 449 or simply shoot her an


Now go and shop, shop, shop....and blame it on the handbag! xxx Charlotte


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