Dear Phone, Please Work! XOXO

Not to be a complainer, but I always feel that I have troubles with my phones. This picture is from one of the thousand times I visited the Sprint store in Beverly Center in order to get my phone contract to work. It was such a hassle everytime! I always seemed to have some kind of trouble at the end of each month. Ugh! Remember how frustrating it was to talk to people who couldn't understand nor speak English (I just couldn't understand how US phone companies could hire ppl in customer service that didn't speak the language) Anyways, my phone doesn't work...again. This time my Spanish phone number and my new phone that I got this Christmas (don't tell my Dad!). First, I forgot my pin number (working 10 hours a day, I didn't have the time to get it sorted) When I finally found the sheet with the number, my phone got destroyed from running home after work one day when it was raining outside. Now, I feel as phone less as Carrie B.


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