You meet a lot of interesting people..

..however, a few fascinates you more than others and even do succeed to motivate you..

A few years ago (wow, time really flies!) while living on the east coast, I met an author over a coffee in Gramercy Park in New York. She was the author of the website and book called Getting from College to Career and knew Carolyn Kepcher, whom I worked for. Already back then, I was dreaming of becoming a writer and after telling her about my dreams and writing ideas she recommended me to meet up with a New Jersey girl who shared the same kind of dreams as I did. At the time, she was working as an intern at Seventeen magazine and told me everything about it over some cosmopolitans at Bryant Park. After that, she invited me to plenty of events in the city and we attended meetings such as New York Women in Communications together etc. By now, you probably wonder where I am going with all of this. Well, today (two-three years later), that same girl is the founder of three big non-profit organizations, works as a columnist for the famous US publication Huffington Post and manage her own website. Let me just say - WOW! After viewing her website, I was so impressed! I have another friend like this, who I worked with in Los Angeles. After our internship, she founded her own website with tips for students who are looking to start their first internship in the fashion industry. There is just one thing to say: Girls, we rock!


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