Ups and downs of working in PR

The best feelings:

✓ Landing the perfect internship you have been dying for

✓ Hearing back from a media contact that's been ignoring your emails

✓ Working late hours, knowing that you are one step away from a promotion

✓ Being invited to fun events and sample sales

✓ Seeing your story appear in your favorite magazine

✓ Having your boss or manager hugging you, saying you're doing a great job!

✓ Creating relationships with target editors, knowing that they are happy to work with you

✓ Getting an email back from your client that says "WOW!"

The worst feeling:

Hitting the send button on a pitch email too fast (ahhh, I hate that!)

Hanging up the phone after an awkward call

Shipping away an important/urgent package to the wrong address (nothing worse!)

When your friends at work think you are starting to become "bossy"


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