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So, I have been bad at giving you updates and fun blog-posts recently /..once again. Working everyday is now a part of my every day-life as a PR girl and sometimes I can't even tell you if it is Tuesday or Friday. But after all, when you have a huge dream, it's important to work hard and set mile-markers for yourself. Even though I am working everyday I see the end date as a mile-mark and this job as something new and chic to put on my resume. Even though I enjoy to work in this position, it is not my dream-job or big goal. But little goals that you can achieve in the short term are important - so that when you do, it gives you that much more of a drive to keep going and try and accomplish your next goal (whatever that may be)...all because you kept yourself interested, determined and confident. Each small "win" will only help push you to that fabulous achievement of all - taking the world and making it into exactly what you want it to be.


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