Mango Runway Show

En Route to 080 Barcelona Fashion Show where Glamour took the Stage. Mango's Fall Collection took my Breath Away.

Working late equals running late to practically everything. Even fashion shows. Buh! Meeting at 8.15 PM, running through the city in my high-heels in order to make it to Mango's showing of their fall'2011 collection. Starting at 8.30 PM, we were just in time to pass the hosts (well, 10 minutes late..but we still got in) Guess if we got one of those nice front-row seats? No, not exactly. They were all taken by people who showed up on time, didn't need to work late and wore flats! (No not really, haha but it was all my fault, I admit that) But it wasn't that bad. We still had a great view and I got some really good pictures. The collection was amazing and so was the atmosphere and the building. Although, I'm pretty sure the clothes we saw tonight won't appear in any of Mango's stores. They were so nice (dresses with shoulder pads, glitter and feathers, red carpet dresses with sequins and embellishment, longer blazers and wonderful maxi skirts) and therefore more likely to be put in showrooms and featured in magazines. Here are some pictures:

Postat av: agfdup

2011-08-17 @ 11:39:41

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