It's just something about early mornings.

Today I started my new job and that meant waking up a little bit earlier than usual, which was totally fine with me. I actually love the mornings - the rush hour, the people passing me by wearing suits (looking like they all are working at J.P.Morgan), Starbucks on the go and the free newspapers. I am now working by Plaza de Catalunya where I do PR and marketing for a Real Estate company and so far, I love it! Just had a lunch-break with my new work colleagues on the balcony outside the office - overlooking the city. It's a beautiful day in Barcelona today. Probably around 65 degrees. xxxx

Postat av: Jooooooss

aaah har du fatt nytt jobb Mysson?? Vad kul! Skypa snart vannen! Pusss

2011-04-01 @ 02:52:26
Postat av: Charlotte

jaaa det har jag hettson:) saknar dig mycket! absolut, skype asap! love

2011-04-01 @ 23:29:49

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