East meets West

When I ask people what they like most about LA I always get the same answer..."the diversity!" True! When people ask me if I like LA, I always hear myself giving them the same answer "It's so different from what I first thought, but I have learnt to love it!" And what I love the most about this city is just that: it's anything from what I first thought. And I really have..learnt to love it! Being here for 6 months (Oh my God, it's been 6 months!) I'm starting to know my way around, just the same way as I knew my way around the streets of New York and it's undergrounds. The other night, when driving back from LAX to West Hollywood where I live, I couldn't be anything but amazed by all the flights waiting patiently in the sky on their turn to make their landing. This made me think of how awesome this city really is. The amount of talented people you meet, the opportunities, movies, music and fashion. Whether you're at work, in a class, at an event or a bar, you're always surrounded by talents  (..or what Elle magazine called it in their latest issue; lovely and amazing people!) So the difference then, between New York and Los Angeles I mean. Let me just tell you this, I can't fit it into this article. But I can tell you this; As a writer, New York will always remain my true love.



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